Forza Street officially closing in Spring 2022, final update released to players

Forza Street
Forza Street (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft doesn't have a great track record with mobile games, with many of them meeting sudden closures at some point.
  • Forza Street, the mobile adaptation of the critically acclaimed Forza racing series, is the latest mobile game to be shut down.
  • In its final update today, Forza Street was revealed to be closing for good in Spring 2022, with little reason given.
  • Players still invested in Forza Street can enjoy massively reduced in-game prices and wait times until the game shuts down.

Forza Street was initially released in 2019 on Windows PCs in an attempt to translate the magic of the excellent Forza racing games to the mobile format. In a blog post from Forza Support, it was revealed that Forza Street is officially shuttering its doors less than two years after its debut on Android and iOS devices. On Monday, the final update for Forza Street was released to players with a host of changes and updates to the experience ahead of the shut down later this year.

The final update for Forza Street incorporates the following changes:

  • All in-game microtransactions have been deactivated, and any purchases made in the last 30 days will be refunded to players
  • All purchases using in-game currency have been massively discounted
  • Energy recharging rates and Energy storage has been greatly increased
  • Wait times on Car Shows have been reduced
  • A new unreleased car has been added
  • A 12-week long spotlight featuring many Rare and Epic cars will begin on Jan. 17, 2022

Forza Street wasn't necessarily a bad game, but it failed to differentiate itself from more established pre-existing mobile racing games in any meaningful way, and never captured mass-market appeal. With the final update, Forza Street's fate has been sealed, but committed players can at least finish playing the game and filling out their collections with greater ease if they choose to do so.

As of now, there's no definitive closing date for Forza Steet, but the game's end is arriving sometime in Spring 2022, likely shortly after the 12-week spotlight event starting on Jan. 17. After Forza Street shuts down, the game and all its features will be unavailable and it will be permanently removed from app stores.

Microsoft has attempted to capitalize on the mobile game market with its gaming IPs several times in the past, like with the ill-fated Minecraft Earth that shut down last year, but the company has so far failed to find its footing in the highly competitive mobile gaming market. Our own Jez Corden has previously discussed why Microsoft should consider purchasing an experienced mobile game developer to help in its efforts, since previous attempts have ended much in the same way as Forza Street.

If you're still seeking to bring a bit of Forza onto your mobile devices, Forza Horizon 5 is now available and is absolutely one of the best Xbox racing games around. Even better, Forza Horizon 5 is available through Xbox Cloud Gaming, which means you can play it on the go wherever there's internet.

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  • Not surprised the mechanics were not fun and all they did was repurpose a bad mobile game to begin with
  • Wasn't this some third-party, copycat game that Microsoft slapped the Forza license on to kind of late in development?
  • Yes it was Miami Street.
  • Honestly, lasted longer than I thought it would. I played it a little bit after launch but it didn't have me coming back after about 10 sessions.
  • Similar story here. However, I have less time to dedicate to silly mobile games. If I want a real and worthwhile game session for the time I have I play Cities:Skylines, Minecraft or Forza 5 on my PC, Xbox or sometimes game streaming. I also dislike mobile controls, I can't get use any.
  • I am not sure why developers cant just port full console-quality games to mobile. Look at Grid Autosport. It's a full console-class racing game without dumb down controls and no in-game transactions. Pay one price for the full game and no other hidden trickery transactions at all. Pretty much any mid to high end phones and tablets that has come out over the past couple of years all have as much if not more power than the Switch so its not like it cant be done.
  • Hopefully the game Mighty DOOM by Alpha Dog becomes a success. The studio was part of the ZeniMax acquisition so hopefully it gets fully supported.
  • To be honest, I didn't really like the game. It was by far the worst Forza game. Forza Horizon 5 was a much better game than that. Actually, no it's not. FH5 doesn't reward credits after every race. Stick to Forza Horizon 4.