While this isn't a whole lot of 'new' in this video series, it's still quite informative and easily one of the best quality videos we've seen (Hello full HD and multiple angles! Too bad about the audio difficulties...).

In this series shot by www.magnus.de (Weka Media Publishing GmbH, Germany), Greg Sullivan, Senior Product Manager Windows Phone, goes through and gives a tour of Windows Phone 7 while talking up the philosophy behind it quite a bit. It's nearly a half-hour in total length, so it's broken up into four parts:

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Part 1: Design, usage, the idea behind hubs
Part 2: The peoples hub, social networking
Part 3: The pictures hub, office hub, games hub
Part 4: Zune, voice command, Bing integration, strategy

At the very least, it certainly qualifies for phone pr0n and if you have time to kill at work today, take a looksy.

All four parts loaded after the break!

[Thanks, Stephen M, for the tip!]



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