When you use the Foursquare online restaurant and event finder service in another country, it will now be able to translate any user-created reviews and tips to your language. thanks to a new partnership with Microsoft.

The Microsoft Translator API supports translations of 50 written languages, and now those tools are being used by Foursquare. Microsoft says:

"Foursquare is used by 55 million people worldwide, who have left more than 75 million tips, but those tips were posted in the users' native languages and, until now, could only be read if you also understand the language — a challenge that can be particularly daunting when travelling in a foreign country."

"By adding translation to their app using the Microsoft Translator API, Foursquare's 75 million tips are now accessible, regardless of the language you speak. Through Foursquare's partnership with Microsoft Translator, you can read tips in your native language to find where locals get the tastiest Croque Monsieur in Paris, or Milan's best Gelato."

The Microsoft Translator API is the same one that is used in the Windows version of Skype to translate text as well as voice calls in several languages.

Source: Microsoft; Via: WinBeta

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