Framerate locking fixes for Windows 10 UWP-based games are coming 'later this year'

Microsoft is slowly releasing high-end Windows 10 games in the Windows Store that were developed under the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). However, hardcore gamers have encountered issues with those titles, like Gears of War: Ultimate Edtion. Microsoft says fixes are in the works that will be released later this year.

As VentureBeat reports, players of UWP-based games cannot currently turn off v-sync, the feature that locks the framerate of a game to the refresh rate of a monitor. This can cause stuttering issues with some games.

Xbox product manager Jason Ronald stated:

"Some of the early feedback we've gotten from the first wave of UWP-enabled games is that people don't like that v-sync is locked to the refresh rate of the monitor or that there's a lack of support for Gsync and Freesync [options that intelligently output rendered images onto a monitor at the same rate as that graphics card," he said. "We've taken that feedback, and we're actively working on fixes that we're testing with some of our first-party studios. We'll be shipping these later this year."

We will likely hear more about Microsoft's plans for UWP games on both Windows 10 and the Xbox One next week at its Build 2016 developer conference.

John Callaham