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Framerate locking fixes for Windows 10 UWP-based games are coming 'later this year'

Microsoft is slowly releasing high-end Windows 10 games in the Windows Store that were developed under the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). However, hardcore gamers have encountered issues with those titles, like Gears of War: Ultimate Edtion. Microsoft says fixes are in the works that will be released later this year.

As VentureBeat reports, players of UWP-based games cannot currently turn off v-sync, the feature that locks the framerate of a game to the refresh rate of a monitor. This can cause stuttering issues with some games.

Xbox product manager Jason Ronald stated:

"Some of the early feedback we've gotten from the first wave of UWP-enabled games is that people don't like that v-sync is locked to the refresh rate of the monitor or that there's a lack of support for Gsync and Freesync [options that intelligently output rendered images onto a monitor at the same rate as that graphics card," he said. "We've taken that feedback, and we're actively working on fixes that we're testing with some of our first-party studios. We'll be shipping these later this year."

We will likely hear more about Microsoft's plans for UWP games on both Windows 10 and the Xbox One next week at its Build 2016 developer conference.

  • Wow.. that's a good improvement. But Microsoft need to hurry before all the negativity spread and affect the UWP concept for high end gaming platform. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Err without the ability to backup gigabytes of appdata, high end UWP games are a fail.
    I mean for someone with limited bandwidth at least. Worst case scenario of an OS reinstall, and all that downloaded data (via store) is useless.
    A reinstall requires the whole re-download of gigabytes of data.
    Not everyone has unlimited and high speed broadband.
    Windows 10 is for everybody.
    Not trying to be negative. Just pointing out.
  • @Daniel Gilbert M.
    User data such as save games can be easily backed up. However custom .ini and modding will be "difficult" with uwp to say the least and that's understandable as to prevent apps spewing out redundant garbage in to temp folders, registery entries they need to be sand boxed. As each app is tied to a unique user identifier therefore each reinstall of the o/s requires a reinstall of each app even if it's assigned to seperate partition. The issue here is two fold, by removing the uniqie user identifier from apps you enable people to pirate apps. On the flipside it also affects people who want to back up their app installs due to as you say a limited data allowance. The solution to this would be data integrity checks / manual force verifications which would have to take place when the user logs into the store with the MSA they bought the apps with. As each install is limited to 10 devices, that would hinder (somewhat) people trying to share dud accounts via bittorrent. I suppose they could mandate the use of the authenticator app tied to the aforesaid MSA to authenticate genuine installs.
  • Thanks for elaborating on that. Is there anyway they could integrate xbox sign in for security if the game was to be released not as an "app" through the store, but as a desktop program ?
    Or implement some kind of protection like the ones they use in NFS and Tomb Raider. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile.
  • So much this. Currently purchasing AAA games on the Windows Store instead of Steam is a one-way trip to becoming the laughing stock of the community.
  • Au contraire. Many gamers would rather have the benefits of the Windows 10 Store than use the overrated parasite that is Steam.
  • What benefits does the Windows Store have over Steam when it comes to high-end gaming? As for as I know, there is none.
  • At least Valve has a good and long history of supporting their platform and it's users. Microsoft on the other hand hasn't. Gfwl = never really improved / rare updates nor real support leading to its death. And of course Microsoft's ongoing promise for each and every Windows version in the past decade that this will be the one concentrating on gaming again which never happened yet...
  • And of course if you look how many people have rated the UWP version and how many did so for the Steam version, it isn't hard to guess which one sells better ;)
  • I have to disagree with the long history of supporting their platform and users. I quit PC gaming because of Steam. Modern Combat 2 was loaded with hacks to shoot through walls, fly in space above everyone or simply lock on shooting. I reported gamers using the cheats and they did NOTHING EVER. After a few weeks of jumping in and out of matches to find the few legit ones, I quit PC. I've only returned recently to single player PC games from Steam. I suspect they've gotten much better with cheats, but at that time they were horrible.
  • It would have been Activisions duty to do something about it. Valve just offers the plattform and the tools.
  • What benefits? Steam, Origin and other storefronts are just as easy to use as the Windows Store. They're all hassle free one-click solutions to downloading/installing games. The other storefronts just don't have any limitations because they're Win32 storefronts. Not everyone is okay with supporting an inferior platform. I'd rather wait until they fix these issues than support Microsoft with my money when I can get the non-exclusive games elsewhere.
  • & they have cloud gamesave backup unlike windows store where its a mystery which games have it
  • Never had a single error with Steam...excluding the snafu this past Christmas. Windows Store? It needs a manual for filtering the garbage apps and copies of copies of copies.
  • This one made me chuckle...  I have never had and error because I don't count that last error (for some unknown reason).
  • Never had an error downloading, installing, playing a fully released game. I saw the condensed version of another users info on my screen for 10 seconds and Steam was down for a bit after. When was the last time the Windows Store had a DDOS attack that caused a daily store error?
  • All depends on what part of their online services is being attacked
  • [citation needed]
  • Other than the people who use this site, no one want to use the Windows Store. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Even on WC there's little reason to /want/ to use the Windows Store. Like uPlay and Origin, it's just... there.
  • Lmao what benefits? Forced low resolutions and vsync?
    There are literally zero benifits. There are more cons than anything.
  • At a stretch you might say the 'buy once, play everywhere' philosophy is the best favour for the Windows Store, though that means little to dedicated PC gamers just looking for the best experience.
  • Sorry but this has always been a gripe with PC games. I use a G-Sync monitor and this eliminates the issue. Problem solved. Any PC gamer knows the value of a freesync or G-Sync monitor.
  • Even with g-sync though my understanding is that the framerate is locked down pretty low with these games at the moment.
  • No, the issue is when v-sync is enabled, you can't even use g-sync.
  • Framerate AND resolution. Disney Infinity for example runs at 720p (or lower)
  • Great to see that Microsoft is listening to our concerns, and actively working on fixing them. It really speaks to Microsoft's evolution as a company.
  • Sure but its not as timely as envisioned by leak information. Right now their special hot fixes are quicker to be released on download center
  • Soon™ like... Seriously? There must be something fundamentally wrong if it takes that long to make vsync optional. Anyway, that gives me another reason to not spend my money on any UWP AAA games yet
  • It seems like Microsoft cant do the simplest, commonplace things with their OS's without "feedback", do they actually have a clue what they are doing or any vision beyond 1 billion users?
  • You know if these things are so simple and commonplace and easy to do, you should absolutely apply for a job at MS since you seem to know the best way to fix everything. It's not like MS sees problem and decides to just sit around and drink tea while they let things work themselves out. Even basic programming takes time and sometimes problems just don't show up until a system goes live. The feedback you enjoy sneering at is letting them get things fixed far faster than they used to and also letting them know where their resources are best spent.
  • Yet "sometime later this year" is still too slow if they want to be taken serious by their users.
  • Right now, their users are a very small drop in the bucket since they just started offering big name games through the store. It's either they let people know that it's being worked on or they say nothing at all. Either way, people will complain because it isn't now, now, now.
  • What a useless comment. We're consumers paying Microsoft money for their products. Rival platforms don't have these issues, that's the entire point. Making games exclusive to the Windows Store while these limitations still exist is stupid and Microsoft should deservedly be criticized.
  • Rival platforms don't have these issues now. I promise you that it wasn't smooth sailing out of the gate for any of the current PC game storefronts, including the much vaunted Steam. It's fine to criticize Microsoft but saying that a solution is simple when one doesn't have a speck of insight as to what is involved in the background to make it work or that somehow it's wrong for MS to make choices based on feedback is beyond silly. Doubly so when they have literally just started selling AAA games through the store. It's barely been a month.
  • It is kinda bad when they cant make use of their servicing stack they developed originally for xb1 & later added to w10 even the xb1 team is a little slow at resolving issues
  • Soon is too late. By the the UWP will be already dead for gamers... Is it that hard to make VSync optional? And what about other features like compatibility with tools that sow you FPS etc... All that should have been there before MS begins to release AAA games in the store
  • Indeed. Microsoft sells those game now at full price not sometime later this year. They should do something about it now!
  • You do realized that later this year could mean anything right?  It could be next week for all we know.  Later doesn't mean fall.  It means the don't have an exact date yet.
  • Yep glad there aren't as many publishers willing to mess with their ip's image by releasing it thru a gimped distribution platform
  • Test Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Test success.
    Posted from Windows Central for Symbian
  • i  am developing a Windows Store game and i've found a most annoying limitation: You cannot programmatically move the mouse pointer like on win32. Why is that important? Well you control the camera with the mouse and there has to be a way to recenter the pointer. Otherwise when you reach the limit of the window you cannot rotate the camera any more. Your player has to lift the mouse and reposition it (the mouse!). That's a severe limitation of the platform and Microsoft should have addressed yesterday.
  • Lol try w8 was horrible to use with a mouse
  • Related to the article`s picture, I was going to buy this Gears of War game till I`ve seen articles on the net how Nvidia got their hands on the title and made it perform bad on AMD hardware, they implemented in the game code the Phys-x and you cannot disablet it and also Ambient occlusion is by default the HBAO+ found in Gameworks (Gimpworks) from Nvidia that blocks AMD from code optimization. Never going to buy another Nvidia GPU again or any game that has Gameworks code in it. This is bad for us gamers.
  • Microsoft is as much to blame. It's their IP and platform.
  • Another reason to not buy nVidia: once they release new cards, they will never spend a drop of effort making their previous gen cards faster or play better, while AMD cards keep getting better and better, even when they're not the current generation.
  • Eh, my nearly 4 year old GTX 680 is chugging along just fine. I'll probably wait another year to upgrade and it will most likely be another nvidia card.
  • Yeah their middleware sucks on ATI but on intel extreme(with the adequate mb chipset) its an okay compromise
  • Later this year.. Just to disable v-sync? What? How? Why?? I just don't understand.
  • This is just one of the reasons I'll have to wait to pick up Quantum Break on PC. I'm still hoping they release it on Steam, but if they don't I'll just keep playing The Division until Microsoft's UWP model has the features PC gamers want.
  • I guess the exclusivity deal on that Quantum game is long expired by the time Microsoft gets this issue fixed. Or the they figured out it sells so bad that they release it to Steam anyway.
  • Coming Soon ™. That is the only message I get from these reports. Barely any reference about the mobile version of Windows. What a shame!
  • Great it is what we need!
  • I'm assuming I'm part of the majority that doesn't have a freesync or g-sync monitor. However, I do have a 21:9 monitor and a Radeon 280X. Rise of the Tomb Raider on the Windows Store plays perfectly fine on my machine. Windows Store games are still new so it makes sense that features for the minority are still on the way for such a young store. You guys should have seen how horrible Steam was when it first started... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I want to side with you on this, but the Windows Store isn't new or young, and honestly doesn't feel like it's developed all that much since Windows 8. Hopefully the Build conference next week can give us some reassurance about their direction for UWP apps though.
  • Being able to run at over 60 fps is hardly a minority thing. MS should be looking forward with features, not ignore the future like variable refresh rate monitors. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They surely have no clue about pc gaming
  • Clearly they don't. Either that or they just didn't care and expected PC gamers to eat up the same plate of **** they serve to their console base. Which obviously isn't happening like they expected.
  • Good, I'll invest in the platform then. No use in buying PC games on a platform that's going to dumb them down to console level.
    Glad to see that's in the works. Vsync is the devil. Input lag everywhere
  • Yesterday was late.