Free movie streaming service Popcornflix launches universal Windows 10 app

Popcornflix, a service that offers free streaming of a wide variety of movies, is now available as a universal Windows 10 app. Popcornflix is ad-supported, but the app will allow you to stream some classic big studio pictures, along with a slew of independent films on your PC and Windows 10 Mobile device for free.

The app itself appears to be a wrapper for the site using Project Westminster, but it gets the job done and frankly has some excellent titles available for streaming.

Though you won't find an overwhelming number of recently released films on the docket, a quick look at Popcornflix's catalog shows a good mix of classic hits like American Werewolf in London and The 'Burbs, along with more recent flicks like Monster and Paranormal Activity.

It should be noted that the Popcornflix service itself is only available in the U.S. and Canada. But if you'd like to check the new app out, you can grab it from the Windows Store link below.

Thanks, Chris W., for the tip!

Download Popcornflix from the Windows Store

QR: popcorn

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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