Fring updates Twitter add-on

The mobile internet community and communications service Fring has announced the release of a new, updated, Twitter 2.0 Add-on that will allow you to get immediate twits from people you are following, allow you answer and post your own twits, and keyword search posts.

To get the Twitter 2.0 Add-on, you can go to the add-ons tab inside Fring, unsubscribe to the previous version and re-subscribe to the new version.  Granted if you don't have Fring, you'll need to go to their website to get the application.

Fring is a free download/service that brings online communities together under one roof. It allows Windows Mobile users to connect to social networks including Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Yahoo, AIM and Facebook. Fring also has offers interface with VOIP services such as Skype Out, SIPNET, EuteliaVIOP, VolPVOIP and VolPTalk.

Funny video announcement of Fring & Twitter after the break. (And, yeah, we now we're seeing video screen shots on Symbian. That should make our friends at NokiaExperts happy.)

Phil Nickinson

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