The fruit of another [Humour]

The above comic illustration is pretty awesome indeed (we had to censor a naughty word) and has been brought to us by Mike Krahilik and Jerry Holkins from Penny Arcade. Mike (@cwgabriel) has been using a Windows Phone 7 handset for (opens in new tab) tweeting (opens in new tab) recently (opens in new tab). Could he be moving from his beloved iDevice?

Source: Penny Arcade (opens in new tab), thanks Ben for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • It's just better. :D
  • Pretty unfunny.
  • wasn't funny at all. so the iphone user got mad cause someone sent him a note from another device? maybe its because I dont have friends like that. And, if I did i'd just tell him to stfu and stop banging on my door.
  • Only fans of Penny Arcade whom understand the character of Charles will get this comic. I've been reading for years, so I lol'd.If nothing else, this will expose WP7 to the millions of fans of Penny Arcade. Only good can come of this.
  • hahah I get it. I understand.
  • It's a shame Tyco doesn't seem to get it "bring a phone to a knife fight", just goes to show how uninformed most people are with what MS is doing with WP7 and Mango. I've said this time and again, iOS has hit it's peak, there's no big, grand new feature they can add to put it apart from the others, so they're falling back to their large, and useless, app store.It's the same with Android, I have no idea what great new features v2.3 added over 2.2, does anyone know? So what if it's 2011, the fact is WP7 with Mango will have caught up to the others and even be ahead in some areas, it's time this fact started to sink into peoples minds.
  • But Mango's great new features are pretty much features that it should have had from the start. So basically we're all happy about getting standard smartphone features. So Microsoft will be at it's "peak" after Mango they'll be on par with iOS, and Android. Then what, three phone brands with similar features.
  • Actually, I don't agree. Microsoft has a lot more it can add in comparison to Google and Apple. I like my WP7 phone but most of it's capabilities have focused on consumers so far. I suspect a lot of enterprise/business functions will start showing up soon after mango and there is also Windows 8 which might be coming to the mobile phone space as well. I think windows phone efforts are going to have features on par with the major competitors for consumer functions but will take it to the next level for enterprise capabilities.
  • If you look at all the fanboys, flame wars, comments on sites like engadget etc. then it becomes funny :)
  • That is exactly what I was going to say.
  • Please don't edit other's content. We're not children and can handle a curse word.
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