Full Guest Access in Microsoft Teams still 'a few months' off

One of the most requested features for Microsoft's Slack-competitor, Microsoft Teams, has been Guest Access. And while Microsoft has been diligently working on implementing the feature, which lets organizations add someone from outside of the team (such as a freelancer or contractor), it hasn't exactly been smooth runnings.

Guest Access was initially delayed once in June, before eventually beginning a slow rollout to Office 365 and Education customers in September. The catch was that it was initially limited to inviting those with Azure Active Directory accounts as guests, with Microsoft promising support for guests with Microsoft Accounts (MSA) would roll out over the coming weeks. Now, it seems, the timeline for MSA support has been extended a little further.

Microsoft Program Manager Suphatra Rufo recently revealed on Twitter (via ZDNet) that Guest Access for MSAs "should be here in a few months."

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In another tweet, Rufo stated the Guest Access remains a "top prioriy" and that it is a difficult feature to implement, requiring "work from multiple engineering groups across the company."

Guest Access still remains available for Azure Active Directory accounts, but its full implementation is still off by a bit. Once complete, anyone with a Microsoft Account will be able to join a team as a guest. If the invitee doesn't have a Microsoft account, Microsoft previously explained that they'll be asked to create one before joining a team.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • They also need a way to manage group creation. It’s great that it auto provisions SharePoint groups for functionality but nobody wants all that Group listings showing up one the GAL.  Also Skype and Teams presence information needs a lot of work. Skype users presence still does not show up accurately or consistently.  Teams. Definitely a 1.0 product right now 
  • I've mentioned before but, as a consumer, it would just be a lot more simple if Skype + Teams + GroupMe became one app. They all have some good qualities, but together they'd be perfect.
  • I agree. Completely. Feel the same way about media playback... Now I need Movies and TV for streaming, CyberLink for DVD/BlueRay, Spotify for music streaming (cuz Groove service is going away) and Groove for my personal music collection.... Why can't all of this just be combined..... Groove couldn't have just received a 'connector' of sorts to stream from Spotify?
  • @Mar_kis. If you said that a few years ago, I'd be inclined to agree but Skype? Nope. just nope, you have a better of chance of getting a message across if you wear a beehive has a hat and shouting from the top of your lungs compared to Skype. It takes several minutes to send a message on desktop to another skype contact on a fibre broadband connection lol...  
  • They need more people to work on Teams, the sooner Skype disappears the better.