Guest Access is now rolling out to Microsoft Teams

It's a bit later than originally intended, but Guest Access is now rolling out to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has announced that the feature is now available for all Office 365 commercial and education customers, making it easier for companies and teams to bring guests in to communicate on projects and the like.

Guest Access is a handy feature that allows organizations to allow access to Teams from outside parties in a secure way. This comes in handy when companies have freelancers and contractors who may need to interact with the rest of a team while working on a temporary project. To keep things secure, Microsoft allows IT departments to easily manage what guests are allowed to access and see reports on the activities of external users.

Teams Add Guest

Guest Access was actually due to launch in June, but was delayed slightly earlier this year. For now, Microsoft explains, anyone with an Azure Active Directory account can be added as a guest. Eventually, Microsoft plans to add the ability to add anyone with a Microsoft Account as a guest. And if the invitee doesn't have a Microsoft Account, they'll be asked to create one first.

In other Teams news, Microsoft says that Botkit, a bot-making toolkit, now supports teams. Now developers will be able to more easily make new bots for Teams users across 125 thousand organizations in 181 markets. If you're a developer, you can learn more about Botkit integration at Microsoft.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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