Full Interview with Windows Phone 7 Head Joe Belfiore [Video]

We all remember that now famous interview with Joe Belfiore at the "D: Dive into Mobile" a few weeks ago, most notoriously because when pressured, Belfiore would not reveal any sales numbers (they later reneged). While some members of the elite press were allowed to attend, us plebeians had to settle for 2nd hand reporting, not being able to see the whole thing.

Now, All Things D has posted the entire video for your holiday viewing pleasure. So why not grab your morning coffee, hopefully your new Windows Phone and curl up to your square-headed family member for an early tech nerd out? Length 36mins.

Oh and try to rage too hard at ol' Mossy. (Although we're sending him the bill for our destroyed monitor)

Source: All Things D

Daniel Rubino

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  • wasnt this on engadget like a month ago? The guy doing the interview was a complete asshole. It just sounds like the entire times he is just trying to point out ANYTHING bad about wp7. He doesnt even say anything useful. He also seems to treat Joe like a kid that started his new job last week. It doesnt even seem like he listens to Joe's response. not gonna have copy&paste ??? didn't ms say like 6 months ago that they will have it soon after the first release? Not many apps? Wp7 just came out. You could at least form your questions and statements in a non-condescending manner. ... what is wrong with this guy... i hope to never see him in another tech interview. I wonder what he sounds like when hes talking about an apple product? are all his questions the exact opposite tone, and actually make sense or maybe he jumps up and down and barks like a dog?
  • The man hosting the interview is named Walt Mossberg. He writes for the Wall Street Journal, and is quite famous for being unashamedly an iPhone/iPad/Mac lover. I wouldn't get your panties in a bunch. Expecting anything else from Mossberg is like expecting to walk away from a hooker without feeling some burning. It's pretty unlikely.
  • yea that guy is a d-bag. "oh but you guys dont have multitasking" yea who gives a fu--, android doesnt have a good UI. have fun with your task managers and viruses on android, you can catch me on xbox live.
  • Yea this interview was a joke. I mean everytime Joe brought up great features about WP7, the first thing the interviewer did was talk about how Apple can do the same thing. I really hate people in the media who are bias to one company.
  • The day of the interview, I watched the Josh Topolslky live blog on engadget like everyone else. I later read Ina Fried's take on it on AllThingsD, and it was a night and day difference. If you watch the interview and read Ina's account of it, you'll see that Ina gave us a good report. The hatchet job of this interview was not Walt Mossberg. The hatchet job was Josh Topolsky. Read everything Josh writes on engadget with this interview in mind. He's not particularly objective with most anything from MS.
  • I agree that this Mossberg guy and Josh are extremely hostile towards Joe and WP7 in general. Incredibly condescending and down right clueless! It really is disgusting. The WP7 community really have to stand strong and spread the facts about the phone. But watching this interviewer and Josh from engadget really makes me angry.
  • Guys, I hate to be the devil's advocate here, but...
    Moss brings up a few good points, and 'most everyone's current opinion of MS is that they are a bunch of a--holes, and also, can you blame them for comparing the product to the others in the same category? This sentiment would be like badmouthing a C&D interviewer talking to the CEO of Eagle about their talon(idk if they are still around), because he's calling it a cr--py copy of the Eclipse(which it is). You have got to realize that no one, not one human on this entire planet is completely objective. Everyone is going to compare the unfamiliar with the very familiar, with a bias towards the familiar. However, I agree on several occasions, that Moss is slightly condescending towards Joe, but that's because He's a rich a-- that uses a Mac and Joe's a Microsoft employee.
  • I think I understand your point, but your analogy isn't applicable in this case. WP7 isn't a crappy copy of any phone. It is a paradigm shift as far as how a person interacts with a device. It is a genuinely fresh approach and Mossberg is really missing the point. Mossberg isn't giving Joe the opportunity to point out some of these things, and he clearly doesn't take Joe or WP7 seriously.
  • Have you watched any of Walt's interviews of other industry folks? He's pretty much like that with everyone. He asks the hard questions, the ones the interviewees don't like to answer. Like details on sales and why basic things from the 1990's like multi-tasking aren't there.