Full Windows Phone Summit presentation now available for viewing

We've covered a lot of ground today with nearly 7,000 of you joining us for our Live Blog this morning of Microsoft's Windows Phone Summit.

And there's no doubt we're still reeling from all of the new things announced today from Windows Phone 8 to Windows Phone 7.8. We can talk endlessly about it but for now, we'll just leave you with the full -hour presentation for you to enjoy.

So grab your favorite potable and curl up to your computer's LCD display to feast your eyes on the future of Windows Phone.

Source: Channel 9

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Man I been looking every where for this ....all I've been getting is long clips.
  • Sorry for going off the subject; but wouldn't it be nice to get a notification when someone reply's to your post? Its so time consuming to have to go back and find your post to see if someone replied. Hopefully this is something that can be implemented on a future update of an already AWSOME app.
  • I agree with macastle! I've sent the suggestion to Jay T Bennett through the feedback function already.
  • I agree as well. Thats one thing that I like about discus, is that I get notifications for all of my posts that are replied to, regardless of what website I am viewing.
  • Its been heard guys :)
  • Indeed, Mobile Nation should do something about or at least WPCentral.
    If they opted for disqus or livefyre — much better!
  • I watched it on my Xbox
  • How did you watch it on your Xbox?..
  • YouTube app!
  • Xbox has a YouTube app? Do I need an XBL Gold subscription? Haven't used my Xbox for a while...
  • Xbox has a little over 30 apps now maybe more.
  • ya... you need XBL Gold to use those apps
    wonder if you need it for Smart Glass though
  • It was broadcast live on Microsoft's channel 9.
  • Hell yeah!
  • It would be very cool to see Nokia's 808 phone come with WP8.
  • Also, If I can make dreams come true, I would like to see Microsoft make a phone to match the Surface.
  • Like how?
  • I completely agree!
  • I'm sure there is a reason, but why don't you guys post this first instead of all the other tidbits? j/w
  • The other tidbit's were posted from the live summit. That's the reason why the video was posted after the fact.:)
  • I watched it live streaming on my windows phone 7.5 and viewed it all the way to the end. Can't wait for 7.8 upgrade or maybe might get a new windows phone 8
  • Live stream required Silverlight which is not possible on WP7.5 :P
  • It did in fact stream fine on WP according to multiple people.
  • Silverlight ... or Windows Media compatibility, which WP7.5 has got!
  • Almost done watching on Xbox/Youtube App. Can't wait to hear features that they didn't mention coming with WP8.
  • Wasn't sure at first but now I really want that new start screen! Looking back at my phone shows what a difference there is. This might be just as bad as waiting for Mango after all.
  • Agree. Imagine all customizable possibilities. I did notice a cheap thrill, a missed feature I loved on the Zune HD was the floating image & scrolling text in the music background.
  • I'm fine with the customization, but I seriously want the right bar back as an option. I find the screen-wide tiles to be overdoing it.
  • Don't put any tiles over there, done...
  • Not quite... You couldn't have two big squares next to each other. You would have to have a big square and 2 little ones... and you could never have a double-wide tile! So no, not 'done' in the slightest.
  • As done as you're gonna get, so don't upgrade if it bothers you that much.
  • Silverlight is not required for the streaming of that live event thru WP7.5. I'm able to watch it.
  • We shall assume control...
  • I want WP8....NOW!!!
  • So, microsoft abandoned us again.
  • If by abandon you mean they are continuing to provide future updates, yes they are.
  • they are makinng the platform better and you complain?
    anyway Developers can still make 7.5 apps, if they dont, its developers who dont want to and dont care like when they never did an app for 7.x. so i dont know how you expect if they never did an app, they would make it for 7.x after windows phone 8. and Microsoft is still providing updates so it seems you just want to complain and dont know what you are talking about.
  • @.Emi...Good points about the developers...
    One development house, 10tons LTD, specifically told me way back last year that they didn't have the resources to develop WP games; then earlier this year they said they are waiting for WP8.  Personally, I just think they are lazy, and I am still on the fence as to whether or not I will purchase their WP games if they are not willing to develop for WP7 devices.
    I have a N8 by the way, and two of their games, but still - they've had plenty of time to pull a resource for WP7/7.5 especially since they've easily ported their games between iOS, Android, webOS, and Bada!  I understand them wanting the 'potential' revenue that WP8/W8 will bring, but it's still just 'lazy' in my opinion to not develop their apps for WP now.
  • With the information we have right now it seems to me that the Windows Phone platform has the same problem as the Android platform.
    If the fact that apps developed for WP8 (native code and new api stuff) won't work on WP7 phones then it it's completely the same or maybe worst as there will be no existing device upgradable to support new APIs and such. Developers will have to focus mainly on developing apps for WP7 to support most of the devices or create two version of the app (Android like problem). This will depend on the adoption rate of WP8 which in my opinion wont be so good (people will need to buy new devices and not many people will be happy with that). 
    I really hope Microsoft will somehow try to prevent this issue.
    (this is just my opinion based on current information)
    Please reply if you think that my hypothesis is off i would like to know what you think.
  • I think the issue here is that WP8 is the "real" Windows Phone. WP7 won't matter 18 months from now. After WP8 the compatibility issue should go away because Microsoft won't be updating the platform kernel on each version of WP.  So the Android-like problem ends with WP8.
    The people that really got screwed over were those who got a new Windows Phone this year (and those who will buy one between now and WP8's release, unfortunately).
    People rarely keep a phone longer than 2 years. Those who got a WP in 2010 will get a WP8 at the end of the year or anytime after that. The 2011 people will probably get a WP8 sometime in 2013. Again, the people who got one this year have a long wait ahead of them using WP 7.8.
    WP7 was a beta test, plain and simple. Luckily I get to upgrade at the end of this year ;)
  • I don't know, this probably needs clarification from Microsoft, but it would seem all but the native code apps would work 7.8 on up.
  • No. WP7.8 will not support the RT framework. All WP8 apps are being developed for this framework. Hence NO Windows Phone 8 app will ever run on WP7.8. It has nothing to do with 'native code'. And what's worse: current developers will for sure port their app to the RT framework as then codesharing with Windows 8 is possible. This means in the future they have to maintain two different frameworks: Silverlight for WP7 and RT for WP8/Win8/WinRT8. And I'm pretty sure that they will stop maintaining the WP7 framework pretty soon as the market share is just too low and the maintenance of and old platform costs money. Hence no new updates even for existing apps.
    WP7.x is a burning platform now.
  • I agree. WP7.x is now The Hinderburg of mobile OSs and Microsoft can't wait for it to be over.
  • We all knew more powerful devices were coming & the looks of the new specs windows phone 8 may have created a standard for their future devices/updates. I will buy a WP8 device for its more robust features & performance.
    Plus future updates shouldn't have any compatibility issues if this the new WP standard imo. (HTC Trophy 7.5)
  • In short, im excited, but disappointed about 7.8. Not as a consumer (im yet to upgrade beyond an hd7) but as a developer. I will continue to support pre win8, but it will slow my development as I will probably end up developing for 2 platforms without being able to share all my code. (lots will be ok, but not all)
  • Anything developed for WP7 will work on WP8, no need to develop for two platforms as of yet. 
  • It will work, yes, but will it work the same? Same API's.  Will i able to utilise everything, will the performance be the same?  So many questions unanswered....still super excited though :)
  • Nokia lumia will come out 12mp dual core
  • Well to be honest I'm disappointed about the fact that I will not be able to upgrade to wp8. But otherwise it's a logical decision to renew the complete Os to make it really integrated with w8. If this is was Microsoft and WP has needed I'm ok with the decision. But if it stays like now, WP without a substantial market share, I will switch to Apple.
  • Why does substantial market share make your decisions? If you like the phone they stay, if not, leave. Its not a difficult choice.
  • I have never understood how marketshare can make an impact on ones purchase. I mean if you like the product why does it matter? Don't like belonging to the "underdog"?
  • It seems like only a substantial market share forces other companies to invest into the system.
    I want hardware that uses the functionality of my device. For example connection to my car, to my hifi receiver, to my tv and all that things.
    Today you need an iPhone for stuff like that, and that's annoying
  • I can understand that. Luckily me myself does not have the need for all that.
  • But you knew that 3rd party accessories for Apple products were even more prevalent than all of the other OSes combined when you purchased your Windows Phone!
    Of course, your choice to switch to another OS/device for this reason; it just seems like it would have made more sense for you to have purchased an iPhone from the get go.
  • There are a couple of reasons why I chose WP.
    I already used other Microsoft products, I use Windows Live, my skydrive is filled with round about 18 gigs of data, I'm a huge fan of Win8, and the design of WP is much better than iOS and Android.
    And I'm really not that into Apple, and do not feel the need to have the company's products.
    So I'm still hoping, that with Win8, WinRT and WP8 the whole ecosystem gets an enormous boost, so that I do not have to switch to Apple. Because who wants to purchase something that is not as good as what you already have?
  • WP7.5 being based on the Win CE kernel, runs very smooth and very stable as well. This has been one of the unique selling points of WP together with the awesome Social Media integration and Live Tiles. And even with every update, the phone got faster (unlike with iOS, with every update, the iStuff became slower) Now with the Windows 8 kernel, I hope the same stability, smoothness and speed is guaranteed with Windows Phone 8. If so, the WP8 platform might be the first mobile OS who truely benefits from multicore SoC's. Unlike Android, who needs at least a dualcore for the OS itself to run sort of smooth. Besides, Windows 7 and Windows 8 desktop OS's really utilize the multicores of today, so this is some pretty interesting info if you consider WP8 will use the same underlying code.
    I can't wait to get my hands on a WP8 handset!
  • I have the same concerns, and I also can't wait to get my new phone. I wonder what I'll be getting.
  • Not everything ran faster after mango update, for instance, pinch and zooming on heavy websites are signifactly laggier than nodo. Also rotating to landscape mode on bing search is laggier too.
  • The man on photo looks like adolf hitler old my friend :D
  • All I ask is that the functionality of the Office suite (excel, contacts in particular) is returned to a level remotely comparable with Windows Mobile 6, which was the main reason why I originally bought a windows phone. Excel in Wp7.5 is literally useless - I no longer use it, whereas I used it every day in WinMob6.
  • No notification screen.
    That's about the only thing missing.
  • When I first saw the presenter, I thought wtf Mr. Bean with a wig is doing at windows phone summit... lol..