Future Tech Awards Reader's Choice: Cast your vote!

Future Tech Awards 2020 Readers Choice
Future Tech Awards 2020 Readers Choice (Image credit: Future PLC)

The end of the year is always a great time to stop and take a look back at what really dazzled us. That's just what's happening in the Future Tech Awards, and we want you to be a part of it. While we're letting you know what tech we loved, we want to know how you feel and which products you think were the best of the best.

The Future Tech Awards will take a look at the very best in tech from multiple angles. We'll be honoring prominent members of the tech community through the Future 50 category and the Tech Hall of Fame. We'll also be sharing our favorite products from 2020 in the Future Choice category.

You've been with us on this wild ride through 2020, and you've seen all the exciting and interesting tech we've had a chance to get our hands on. Now, we want to hear from you. Between December 21 and January 4, you'll have a chance to vote on what products you find most exciting through the Reader's Choice category of the Future Tech Awards.

If you're ready to share your thoughts on the best tech of 2020, head over to the Reader's Choice voting page.

The Future Tech Awards will take place from January 9 to 14 during CES 2021. That's when we'll reveal the winners of the various awards and announce the top picks of the Reader's Choice awards. So, make sure you stay tuned for the Future Tech Awards here.

Al Sacco

Al Sacco is content director of Future PLC's Mobile Technology Vertical, which includes AndroidCentral.com, iMore.com and WindowsCentral.com. He is a veteran reporter, writer, reviewer and editor who has professionally covered and evaluated IT and mobile technology, and countless associated gadgets and accessories, for more than a decade. You can keep up with Al on Twitter and Instagram.