Game Rewards

The official GAME Windows Phone app is a sweet companion app for anyone who enjoys shopping at the UK retailer. The company has had an app available for Microsoft's mobile platform for some time now and we've witnessed numerous updates released, further improving the user experience. Today, we're looking at version 6.

The GAME Reward app is all the more useful should you have an account with the retailer and are able to get stuck in with point accumulation through purchases and promotions. From utilising the QR code in-store to checking out latest releases and even viewing the charts to see what's currently hot and worth purchasing, it's a rich experience for any gamer.

GAME Rewards

So what's included in version 6? This is quite the update so prepare yourselves. You've now got mobile game stores, which fully supports Microsoft's Windows Phone app store. You'll be able to check out the top 25, some new and free titles, as well as filtering through the catalogue by selecting categories you desire.

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Next up is the Nintendo eShop, enabling those with handheld systems to check out all the latest deals for download (sometimes saving a few pounds). It's worth noting that this isn't a native part of the experience and will require you to hop into Internet Explorer. In case you require some extra accessories for your consoles, the new Endless Range will keep you in the loop of super deals.

Have you ever browsed the coming soon list and wanted to be reminded as to when that particular game is released? You can now add titles that are "coming soon" to your Windows Phone calendar, perfect for those who enjoy being among the first to make the purchase. Lastly, you can now set up your home store along with four favourites for more convenient access. Neat.

This is a really nice update for the popular app and we're excited to see how it's developed with future releases. You can download GAME Reward from the Windows Phone Store for free (Windows Phone 8 - region restricted).

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