Rival Knights

Rival Knights has just launched on Windows 8, bringing with it medieval jousting. The game was recently released for Windows Phone and is well-presented with immersive 3D graphics and dynamic camera angles to create a breathtaking environment where players battle ruthless foes and rival clans across 5 leagues to seize their castle and thrones. It's as good as it sounds.

If you thought battling it out on horseback was awesome enough on the smaller screen, just wait until you fire up Rival Knights on your Windows tablet or PC. It's a sweet game and one we strongly recommend to those who favor action focused titles. Players can also unlock 120 mounts, lances, armors, helms, and other items. It's possible to upgrade armor at the Blacksmith to gain an edge and use temporary boosts – who wants to fight on a fair battlefield?

QR: Rival Knights

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