GameStop 'confirms' PS5 specs, features rival Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Reveal
Xbox Series X Reveal (Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X Controller

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Series X is Microsoft's upcoming console.
  • The Xbox Series X features a 12 teraflops GPU, with support for 8K resolution.
  • GameStop claims that the PlayStation 5 offers similar capabilities.
  • The console also features 8K support, a custom-built drive, and more.

Recently, Xbox Live's Director of Programming Larry Hryb sat down with Director of Program Management Jason Ronald to discuss the Xbox Series X. A lot of new information was revealed including the console's ability to ray-trace audio, how it features a custom-built solid-state drive (SSD), and how even a restart doesn't erase the save states of multiple games.

Well, it seems like GameStop (opens in new tab) wanted to give the PlayStation 5 (PS5) some love after that. Today, the pre-registration website for the PS5 went up with some known details about the console. The retailer said the following about Sony's machine.

  • Full 8K TV support
  • Bespoke 8-core AMD chipset
  • 3D Audio
  • Built-for-purpose SSD storage
  • Backwards compatibility with PS4 games/PSVR hardware
  • Ray tracing capabilities

While we knew that the PS5 would support up to 8K resolution and had an 8-core CPU, there were rumors floating around that it featured backward compatibility with all previous PlayStation generations. If GameStop is to be believed, it's just going to support PlayStation 4 games and you'll have to buy your PlayStation and PlayStation 2 rereleases, or play through PlayStation Now, the company's streaming service.

Hopefully, Sony will provide exact specifications soon. Right now, leaked AMD GPU information puts the PS5 at 9.2 teraflops, lower than the Xbox Series X and the Google Stadia streaming service.

Asher Madan

Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing.

  • as of right now Sony only offers one gen backwards compatibility...
  • as of right now, Sony only offered a logo. Is Gamestop still a thing? I thought they would be headed down the BlockBuster road. Time will tell
  • Tbh, I believe this year. Sony will lose
  • Such a blank statement... If Sony didn't already have close to 2 million ps4s in the wild I would debate that. Seeing how the numbers aren't in your favor alone leads me to believe you're a fan boy of some type.
  • Sony has 108 million Plus PS4's in the wild, but that may be the problem, backwards compatibility is a must for Sony or they are going to have a big issue having to convince a bunch of PS4 owners who had invested in PS4 to switch over to a PS5 if it does not allow to bring over games. Also, another question is whether or not Sony will have PS5 only exclusive games, which I doubt, they will need to support SP4 owners for at least a couple of years. Another question, will games like Cyber Punk, if you buy it on the PS4, will you have to re-purchase the game again for PS5 or will Sony do what Microsoft is doing, port over adding additional updates on the better system. We all know that a PS5 is coming, and we are all waiting for specs, but there are questions beyond just specs, price and release dates. Important detailed questions regarding exsisting PS4 owners and the benefits to switch over to a PS5. Sony needs to be ready to answer questions. I used to work for Gamestop, I would not take anything Gamestop says as truth. Wait for Sony to come out.
  • well the whole no VR this is really going to kill Xbox. VR will just get more and more popular and give people a reason not to get an Xbox.
  • Same thing was said on the 90s when VR came out then. And VR sales have gone down not up over 2019.
  • I disagree. Yet to meet anyone that really raves about VR. Even heard reviewers, that have a stated bias towards it, be like warm at best on where it is at currently. Sony sold something like 4 million of the devices, which is possibly 3 to 4% of PS4 owners. The Kinect initial sold a way higher percentage. Possibly 10 times more. The 2nd gen failed completely, despite being a real improvement over the original. MS will likely be able to incorporate VR, if it becomes popular/good enough. Not having it at launch doesn't bother me at all. If it needs to come, it will. Lack of VR won't kill Xbox.
  • Many things here.
    There are people who would want XB to have at least the option of VR. Look at topics on the subject right here on windowscentral.
    Comparing PSVR at $400-500 to a $150 kinect is just weird. Specially the amount of marketing that MS put into it around 2009-2012. Their E3 shows was so much kinect oriented.
    Those people who are now shouting XB1X and game pass where shouting "I am the controller" back then...
    Kinect 2.0 mostly failed because MS hardly supported it with games. How many games did they make for the thing? I agree lack of VR won't kill the XB1 but neither will not having older PS BC.
    And imo between the two I think the VR option will be more of a selling point than ability to play a bunch of older games (that are still available on older consoles).
  • Man I miss Kinect, when it was used to complement games (Forza/Horizon, Alien Isolation,) it was exceptional. But too few games utilised it and many that did were gimmicky crap, basically the standout examples were too few and far between. I miss voice navigation for the console too though, and Google Home is just too slow compared to Kinect for voice commands.
  • Of all the people I know that have a VR I don't know a single person who regrets their decision and isn't having a blast with it. Also whenever they get other people to try it out, I have never met someone who didn't enjoy the experience. I'm sure there are people who don't like it, but I haven't met anyone.
  • I only know 2 people with PSVR. I enjoyed it in a fleeting sort of way when we tried it. But since the first 2 months, it's been in his cupboard for the last 18 months. Never uses it at all. He was gonna sell it. But it's only fetching £99.99 2nd hand here in many UK 2nd hand shops. Personally I don't know a single gamer that still uses it. And to be honest the sales of PSVR games over 2019 show literally almost Noone is buying any games for it. Even the most used gane Resi 7 Capcom announced only 1 million actually tried the VR aspect of it. Even though PSVR had sold about 4.5 million units. If others are still enjoying it, that's great. But VR game sales don't show that people are still playing them at all.
  • If that's true, then that gives Microsoft a big win in my opinion. That's why I thought the GameStop pre-registration website was interesting.
  • Right, because people will buy a $500 console to play a bunch of old 360 games and an handful on OG XB games. PS4 didn't have BC and it trashed the XB1. If BC was that "big" why did it do so well? I'm sure the millions of people who bought the PS4 didn't mind not having BC.
    You guys are funny...
  • No, but they might buy a $500 console to play considerably better versions of multi-platform games, with the added bonus of being able to pick up any of the games they might've missed over the past 10+ years. I mean, definitely charging $20/month to stream BC games, or $10/piece to buy Classics shows that there's no appeal to BC. Much better to charge people again to play the games they already owned. What's gonna be funny is if the rumors are true and PS5 offers BC through the PS1, and suddenly having comprehensive BC becomes the most important quality a console can have. You know, the way graphical fidelity was the most important factor before Xbox became better than PS.
  • Well it's a nice feature or nice added bonus, there is no denying that but it cannot be a priority.
    It cannot be a "big win" for MS because MS has been doing BC since 2015 and they kept getting outsold. History and logic plays against the argument that it'll be a "big win for MS". Also the initial statement "$500 console to play considerably better versions of multi-platform games", is also debatable. Historically more often than not the less powerful console always sold better than the more powerful console. I don't think power is that important for console gamers.
  • I'd expect that those that bought a PS4 in the first 2 years, would be the ones most interested in BC. Had the Xbox had it at launch, with today's catalogue, then that would have been big. That said, the Xbox had more than one issue at launch.
  • I really doubt it. These people had plenty of time 5 years to move over to XB1 after that.
  • Historically that's the case but in recent times it's the converse. PS4 outsold Xbox One while the Xbox One X Outsold the PS4 Pro (in what limited information I could find regarding sales of both systems). PS3 and Xbox 360 sold in even amounts, however the PS3 launched a year later, so again, the more powerful system managed to move equal units in a shorter period of time. That being said this entire discussion is a moot point. The vast majority isn't buying either console for their features, they're buying whichever Company they associate with. People have tunnel vision when it comes to purchasing, regardless of which system a person gets they will find a reason to justify their decision, and deride anyone who made a different choice. That's just how our brains are wired.
  • Not necessarily. Look at PS1 with Nintendo fans. Or 360 taking some PS2 fans. Some fans stick regardless. But there is a huge pool that shifts. It's happened in previous gens. And can happen again. It's all in the execution.
  • It would be, if Sony went early. Like, months early. Which they probably wish they could. If there is a huge disparity in performance, then that might encourage Sony to release first. They can literally sit on the specs until the day before launch. MS has a lot less to reveal.
  • Except that's wrong, albeit, depends on where you live. PS Now has titles from PS1 and onwards.
  • This doesn't really count as it's not an official statement by Sony, IMHO
  • I believe retailers have some knowledge. If GameStop says it's just PS4 and PSVR, then there might be something to it. Let's wait and find out.
  • It sort of is... I think most, if not all of this is "common" knowledge based in what Sony have already said.
  • It would be kinda dumb to not offer bc to PS2 and PS1 games, wouldn't it? Like, now is the time to do that. The PS3 I understand; even though it's their console, and they should put in the effort, but I understand that it may be difficult.
  • I don't understand the ps3 anymore. I understood it with the ps4, but the ps5 should be more than capable of emulation.
  • Don't understand what? Backwards compatibility was something that Sony PIONEERED, originally. The PS2 played PS1 games, and the original PS3 did the previous two. A key technological difference though, is that BC wasn't done through emulation, Sony shoehorned the previous chips into newer consoles, The original PS3 has the EE chips in them, later to cut costs, this was removed and replaced with software emulation on the later PS3s. With the switch of box Xbox and PS over to x86 architecture, BC went away. Microsoft brought it back using coded emulation. However, the next gen consoles, are using the same x86 architecture. By that very nature, anything on Xbox series X, or PS5, will run on the previous consoles, for the same reason that PC games can run games that are 20 years old, they were written for the same cpu platform.
  • I understand all of this. I don't understand why he said the ps3 would be a problem. The ps5 should be more than powerful enough to emulate the ps3.
  • It's something to do with the CPU architecture of the PS3 that it's hard to emulate with software.
  • The CPU on the PS3 is a NIGHTMARE to code for, it's not about power it's about just being able to, or wanting to, deal with it.
  • Aren't these all things confirmed in the Wired articles with Playstation?
  • Seriously? This site should be named ClickBaitCentral. There was nothing on that list that was not known already and stated so by Sony back in October or earlier. Why would Gamestop need to confirm what Sony actually has stated. Do you not trust Sony? Sony already stated 8 core. Sony already mentioned 8k. Sony already stated stated 3D audio back in April 2019. Sony already stated PS4/PSVR BC. Sony even stated RT. Thank god for GameStop verifying what Sony itself has already stated is true so long ago. Can you do an article about BestBuy, Saturn or Target when they verify the Gamestop PS4 feature list does actual verify the list Sony released in 2019? What about the stuff Gamestop didn't verify? Should we be worried and assume the PS5 is probably a Vega GPU not Navi based design? No verification here. Damn that liar Cerny. /s And how is Sony supporting BC for single generation (the PS4) rival Xbox supporting BC for all its previous generations? Now to a more important subject. becoming ClickBaitCentral. This site knew this was same old already released info from official Sony sources; specs released a year to 6 months ago by Sony itself. Same specs & features from those Wired articles, some tweets and SIE comments over the past 12 months It seems you were just trying to mislead and hope we would click to see Gamestop was verifying a PS5 with similar 12TF or RDNA 2.0 or BC with 4 generations. You know those features people actually are talking about and don't know. Those are features & specs that would actually rival Series X and there was none of that here. Shame on you. There won't be a twice.
  • You're so right. I feel like I've been tricked.
  • Title was primarily designed to talk up the "up to 8K capabilities" rivaling XSX, I agree this could've been titled a little more clearly though. Apologies for that.
  • Would there be any chance of changing the name of the article? It is awfully misleading.
  • Agree with you 100% my friend! PS5 better be fully backwards compatible or im not upgrading until they finally make that happen. Xbox can do it, Sony should be able to. Idk i just cant stand xbox, i have it too but the games are garbage. Gamepass sounds cool until you cant pick a decent game to play. You can only replay the same few games so many times before it gets old and you switch to Playstation like I did. But I must say I really do trust Mark Cerney. Hes a genius and so much better than that lazy retard Phil Spencer.
  • To each their own but Game Pass has saved me ridiculous amounts of money, and afforded me the opportunity to play (and enjoy) games I never would have tried otherwise. But I do understand it's not for everyone.
  • Sounds like Xbox just ain't for you. Not sure where the anger against Phil Spencer comes from, he's pretty much delivered on everything he's said and positioned MS well for this generation. Agree Cerny's not only incredibly insanely smart, he's able to communicate in way that makes the tech sounds meaningful and exciting.
  • That's how I felt playing most PS exclusives. They are like weekend rentals that you play a few times and then don't play again. No multiplayer or replay value.
  • You sound like a child.
  • Wrong post area.
  • @Paul
    I do agree that the title was silly. I wouldn't say that it's all writers doing this. I think it's mostly an Asher Madan problem. I've already said that the quality of writing dropped massively ever since he joined WindowsCentral.
    I've had few discussions in the past with the guy, and I seriously think that sometimes he has problem understanding basic English.
  • Actually Jez has stated that he writes the titles and apologies when we pull him up on it.
  • He didn't say he wrote the title. He tried to explain it and agreed that it was misleading. Unless you're referring to something else...
  • There was another article with a misleading title that Jez owned up to being the one who wrote it, and i figured him jumping in here was doing the same, but indirectly, I could have misinterpreted though.
  • I'd agree that the details are not new. But look at the comment tally...
  • This is Gamestop. A retailer. I'd take it with a huge grain of salt. Probably the biggest. I can't see Sony not doing BC for PS1/2/3 on PS5. I fully expect them to support all the PS consoles on PS5. I'd be very surprised if it didn't. The fans have been very vocal about wanting full BC for PS5. I'm pretty sure Sony has listened to its fanbase. Let's wait for official word on this.
  • But I thought most Sony don't care about BC. Why would Sony invest so much time and money into something their fans don't want?
  • Many fans do want it. Lots of PS fans have been saying that they hope PS5 has BC all the way to PS1. BC also means putting PS1/2/3 games available to buy digitally on PS5. Lots of PS fans online have been requesting the feature. And many expected PS5 to have it.
  • Sony offers BC, it just is half-assed and $20/month, or on a per-game basis for $10. I'll be very surprised if they cannibalize PS Now to bring real BC to the PS5.
  • What fans? Old customers?
    You mean those millions who bought PS4 that DIDN'T have BC?
    Do you have some evidence that shows that most of the fanbase WANT it?
  • Purely based on what fans write on forums. Particularly big Sony fan forum slime VGChartz or GameSpot to name a couple of big PS communities. Many have been talking about full PS BC on PS5. It's a big want. And all believe it's easily possible and much easier to do. That's why I'm just gonna take this retailer info with a grain of salt. I'll wait for Sony to give something official. I think they will have it all of PS. I have found with Gamepass I've actually got to play some BC 360 titles I never played. All due to BC being done. Recently playing Ninja Gaiden 2. Fantastic game, just hit Gamepass. Definately used BC more in the last 2 years than previous. Lost Odyssey another amazing 360 exclusive I played in the Xbox One generation. Well worth it for Sony fans to have the same. Some games visually still hold up. And some games are still brilliant to play even now.
  • Do you have a link to that?
    I mean it makes no senses that people who have bought and supported a console with ZERO BC suddenly makes BC with PS1-PS3 games a priority.
    Sure it's a nice feature to have, but it cannot be a priority...
  • Well I mean I might have a look through the forums. But in general look on either site back through most of the last 12 months. People have been very keen for it for PS5. Alot of them have kept older consoles to play their PS games. So the trend seems to be they would rather not have all their consoles under their TV. And just have it all on 1 machine. That's seems to be the main reason. Getting rid of there older Playstations. As well as many bought PS3 digital games. But want to play them on their new machines. Cause they own them digitally. But so far had to keep a PS3 to play them.
  • The problem with that argument is that it's impossible to show that a majority of the fanbase actually puts that as one of their priority.
    Personally I hardly think it is for most. I wonder how many people still play old PS3 game regularly let alone PS2/PS. Honestly the amount of current get games available at the moment is insane. My backlog is huge.
    And for those who do want to play the odd game, it's not that difficult to connect your old console. Like I said it's a nice feature, but I don't think it's such a big deal. It's not something that will make people avoid the PS5 and buy the new XB console.
  • I've no idea if people will avoid thr PS as a result. But it seems like it would be much easier to do the emulation on the PS5 than ever before. I still think Sony will. Thry talked about improving BC on PS5 before. So I will wait to see what Sony is doing.
  • @Richard
    I don't know how easy or tough emulating PS3 is. I don't know if it's actually easier seeing the architecture of the PS3.
    It'll be foolish to think they'll avoid PS for it because they haven't since 2015.
  • I hear the argument about buying a PS 4 with minimal back compatibility, but since 2013, things have changed. The Xbox showed what could be done. The number of people buying digital only, has increased. There is a certain expectation that the eco system will reciprocate by offering the ability to take and play those games on the new hardware. It's coming in some form, how extensive remains to seen. But I'd say that many of those that got a PS will expect BC of those titles. The others are a bonus.
  • We've had almost 5 years of XB1 BC and PS4 non BC. Nothing really changed in terms of sales difference.
    Yes, there may be a bit more expectation but the point here is that it's not such a major feature. A feature that will make people choose one over another, the last 5 years shows that.
  • I think you position has a flaw. Those moving into the PS5 era will expect, and likely get, some backwards compatibility. Sony and MS knows that if you keep them in the eco system, you have a perpetual cash cow. Sony are not driven by demand for BC, though I think there is plenty of it, but by necessity. The transition to digital purchases means big returns for Sony and MS. They want you locked in. And what better way to do it than BC? I think the PS4 win was won on more than BC, but we've seen how fortunes change. Sony will let you play all your digital PS4 games on the PS5, that is a certainty to me. Did most need it when we had physical discs and cheap second hand old gen consoles, nah. But digital media changed the game.
  • I'm with Guest on this one, the fact of the matter is, if Backwards Compatibility was a factor in the majority's console buying decision there would have been a swing from PS4 to Xbox over the past 5 years, there wasn't the ratio kept largely the same. Backwards Compatibility is NOT a decision making factor in buying a console for the majority. Which is understandable, most people struggle to play games as they come out, let alone tacking on twenty years of past experiences to the mix.
  • Well maybe some were hoping Sony woukd eventually bring it. People do forget there are alot of PS3 users who bought digitally. Especially the last 3 or so years. I myslef and some of my friends all bought digital PS3 games. Currently all Pzs3 digitally bought ganes are useless unless you have a PS3. It's in Sonys interest to bring PS3 BC due to the fact they sold digital versions of PS3 ganes for £60. And that is totally unusable. Emulation on a much more powerful PS5 should be easy. They already said emulating PS3 on PS4 was going to be too difficult. But that won't fly with the PS5. Anyway. It's a rumour on a retailer website. It's probably wrong. And I'm sure Sony will do full BC this time around.
  • He didn't say most, he said many. Even if only 1% want it, that's a million right there.
  • So are XB fans asking for VR? Are they asking for Kinect support?
  • I can guarantee more than 1% of Xbox fans want Kinect back. Probably also more than 1% want VR.
  • Nothing we already dont know. Also, how dare you compare anything to the stadia. Google stadia is a ******* joke that has no place in this world and should not be compared to ACTUAL hardware.
  • I just hope the Xbox Series X isn't really expensive.
  • My expectation would be 5-600 (USD). I mean if people are paying 10-1200 (USD) for a phone, 600 for a game console isn't actually exorbitant.
  • Totally different market.
    Mobile phones is used by a lot more people. So there would be much more people willing to pay the price for it, even though most won't pay that much.
    Also mobile phones can be looked at as a fashion statement. For some people going around with the latest most expensive mobile is a motivation to pay more even though they may not need to spend that much.
    Not sure the same can be said about a console.
  • Not sure I'd agree entirely. Phones and consoles are sold in different ways. One tends to be a single, one off payment. The other tends to be a low, or even no upfront fee, and a monthly cost. You won't meet too many people that buy a phone, at the sim free price. Typically they are financed over 24 months. Certainly some of the social pressure to buy the latest phone. Less so for the latest console.
  • "Typically they are financed over 24 months"
    It's been more than a decade since I've had such type of payment. I think it really depends on regions. Maybe in the US/UK that's still how people finance their phones, I don't know if that's more popular elsewhere.
    But yes these type of payment also explains how the markets are different.
  • Never met anyone, aside from my father who bought a £30 phone, that does anything but renews their contract to get a new device. I'm UK based, so only giving that slant.
  • But inflation is still a thing that exists, and rising living costs. Costs of living increase, that's a fact. It'll more likely be the lower end of what I said, but to be honest $600 for a console isn't unprecedented (remember the PS3). But yeah, I suspect $500, I'll be stoked if it's cheaper (because $500 there, equates to about $650-700 here) but I'm not expecting it to be.
  • £450-£500, tops. Any more and they will be dead in the water.