GameStop 'confirms' PS5 specs, features rival Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Reveal
Xbox Series X Reveal (Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X Controller

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Series X is Microsoft's upcoming console.
  • The Xbox Series X features a 12 teraflops GPU, with support for 8K resolution.
  • GameStop claims that the PlayStation 5 offers similar capabilities.
  • The console also features 8K support, a custom-built drive, and more.

Recently, Xbox Live's Director of Programming Larry Hryb sat down with Director of Program Management Jason Ronald to discuss the Xbox Series X. A lot of new information was revealed including the console's ability to ray-trace audio, how it features a custom-built solid-state drive (SSD), and how even a restart doesn't erase the save states of multiple games.

Well, it seems like GameStop wanted to give the PlayStation 5 (PS5) some love after that. Today, the pre-registration website for the PS5 went up with some known details about the console. The retailer said the following about Sony's machine.

  • Full 8K TV support
  • Bespoke 8-core AMD chipset
  • 3D Audio
  • Built-for-purpose SSD storage
  • Backwards compatibility with PS4 games/PSVR hardware
  • Ray tracing capabilities

While we knew that the PS5 would support up to 8K resolution and had an 8-core CPU, there were rumors floating around that it featured backward compatibility with all previous PlayStation generations. If GameStop is to be believed, it's just going to support PlayStation 4 games and you'll have to buy your PlayStation and PlayStation 2 rereleases, or play through PlayStation Now, the company's streaming service.

Hopefully, Sony will provide exact specifications soon. Right now, leaked AMD GPU information puts the PS5 at 9.2 teraflops, lower than the Xbox Series X and the Google Stadia streaming service.

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