GameStop and Microsoft team up to stream mobile content to store customers

GameStop has announced that it is working with Microsoft to offer a new service that will stream promotional content to mobile devices at its retail stores. It will use the Microsoft Azure cloud server platform. The content, including trailers and promotional materials, will be available for both employees and customers to access when they enter a GameStop location via smartphones and Windows tablets.

The company stated:

"GameStop's store associates will be able to access individual information for those customers who have opted in to receive and share information as part of the GTI app, empowering the associate to provide a personalized shopping experience based on the customer's unique shopping history. Other GameStop uses of the cloud platform within its stores include streaming video game trailers to a 4K ultra HD TV, and offering an in-store mobile shopping cart that can be used by the customer to facilitate a faster checkout.

The announcement did not state when or where this new partnership will begin.

Source: GameStop{.nofollow}

John Callaham