GameStop won't sell Xbox One bundles with digital game codes

Microsoft sells a number of Xbox One consoles that come bundled with free digital codes to download full games. However, a recent statement from retailer GameStop says it will not sell those console bundles in its stores or on its website.

GameStop has already worked with Microsoft to modify its recent Xbox One Madden NFL 16 bundle to include a physical disc of the pro football game, rather than a digital code for downloading the game which is available when purchased from Microsoft or other retailers. GameStop CEO Paul Raines explained the company's stance in its recent earnings call.

"If ... the platform holders ... continue to put in free games as promotional items, we anticipate that at GameStop you'll see more physical bundles from third parties as opposed to digital bundles. ... We choose not to participate in the digital bundles."

GameStop said its customers prefer consoles bundled with physical game discs compared to ones with digital codes. However, it's likely that the retailer also wants to give bundles that allow customers to resell those physical discs back to GameStop so they can continue to make money on used games, which is something it cannot do with digital game codes.

Source: GameStop; Via: Giant Bomb

John Callaham