Gaming laptops differ from standard PCs in that they are supercharged powerhouses ready to take on epic battles in space, ground wars, mysterious adventures or whatever else you can throw at them. Hardcore gamers need serious hardware, and for that there are plenty of amazingly teched-out gaming laptops that will ensure you always stay at the top of your game. Big names like Alienware, Razor, MSI, and even ASUS all have great machines that are built specifically for gaming.

These laptops don't slouch when it comes to specs, some of the top specs that gaming laptops offer are big processors & GPUs, 16GB or more RAM, 256GB of storage, and plenty of ports for connecting all of your accessories. Where you'd be able to get by with lesser specs on a standard PC that is used for standard tasks, these gaming laptops pack in the best hardware on the planet to make sure that the experience is a good as it gets for the PC gamer.