Gaming laptops are about to get a whole lot thinner thanks to NVIDIA's Max-Q tech

At Computex 2017, NVIDIA introduced Max-Q (opens in new tab), a new design initiative that aims to drastically reduce the size of gaming notebooks. With the initiative, NVIDIA is promising laptops that are "3x thinner with up to 3x more performance" when compared to previous generation products. What that translates to is gaming notebooks powered by the GTX 1080 that will be as thin as 18mm, or just a fraction thicker than the MacBook Air.

In the keynote, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showed off a demo of Project Cars 2 on a 5lb-notebook that's touted to offer 60% more performance than a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro.

With Max-Q, NVIDIA is optimizing the workloads between the CPU and GPU to regulate heat, while engineering the "laptop, chip, drivers, thermal and electrical components" to be as thin as possible and tuning Game Ready drivers to deliver the optimal system efficiency.

That includes new chassis designs along with advanced thermal and electrical management, "elaborate heatpipe and heatsink setups, the highest-quality low-noise fans, next-generation high-efficiency energy regulators, and optimized components from top-to-bottom."

The end result is that the GPU power consumption is cut by half, allowing you to play games at 4K resolutions on a notebook that isn't all that heavier than an Ultrabook. There's also WhisperMode, which paces a game's framerates to deliver the ideal balance of graphical detail and performance during plugged-in gaming.

MaxQ-designed gaming laptops featuring the GTX 1060, GTX 1070, and GTX 1080 will go up for sale starting June 27 from the following OEMs and boutique laptop brands:

  • Acer
  • Aftershock
  • Alienware
  • ASUS
  • Clevo
  • Dream Machine
  • ECT
  • Gigabyte
  • Hasee
  • HP
  • LDLC
  • Lenovo
  • Machenike
  • Maingear
  • Mechrevo
  • MSI
  • Multicom
  • Origin PC
  • PC Specialist
  • Sager
  • Scan
  • Terrans Force
  • Tronic'5
  • XoticPC

No information of pricing at this stage, but we should know more on June 27. Who's excited?

  • Can it be implemented in the next Surface Book?
  • Can, most probably. Will it? Surface Book isn't a gaming laptop, so would Microsoft care enough?
  • For the price, a 1060 would be a tremendous upgrade over a 965M.
  • but they go for the longest battery life.. so no, they wont. Maybe if they make a special gaming edition.. but thats not the philosophy of the Surface line
  • I think it's more likely it'll go in something like the sufrace studio, but it would be nice if it was in the next surface book.
  • How much will the gaming laptop costs when this is implemented ? 🙂
  • Acer's is $3000
  • This. Is. Sick!!!
  • Still thinking about 3-5 hrs. on battery
  • Are you for real? Who even considers battery life when buying a gaming laptop?
  • If you want battery life, why are you looking at gaming laptops? The baterry on those serves merely as backup when the electricity goes out. :D
  • I'm not, but there will be people who think this fairy dusts them into laptops with a real battery life. Personally I prefer my desktop for a gaming rig.
  • My guess is that even 3-4 hours is still enough for those moments where you may not have a power source. Geforce Experience should also setup gaming configurations based on battery power and ac if Nvidia is pushing gaming laptops.
  • I am not sure what this stupid obsession with thin gaming laptos is, that always compromises best heat and cooling components for thin design, and then you might as well not buy it at all. Sure it can be done, and it will run just ok, but it really should not be done if you want to ensure a long lifetime of the components with proper cooling. The question here is would you rather have a thin laptop that runs at 100C hot or a thicker gaming laptop running at a comfortable 60C? Anyone who knows anything about building PCs will tell you you shouls always go for the latter no matter what, unless you want to shorten the lifetime of all components that will be under increased heat stress.  
  • I used to have a gaming laptop before the tech got better. Now because so many companies are focusing on it, it's gotten much better. Anyways, even my old one which ran pretty hot would never hit 100C. That's just ridiculous. The CPU itself is typically designed to shut off at 72Celsius. Furthermore, even at high heats these things last pretty long. Long enough that you will be wanting a replacement to be able to play newer games eventually. 2-3 years should be enough for any gamer willing to buy something that can't be easily upgraded.
  • haha funny dude so 2 - 3y.? For 2,399 only. Looks like a great investment.. or not
  • 60% more performance than a PlayStation 4pro with a 60% price increase to boot. Or more Lol
  • A laptop with a 1060 is twice the price of the PS4 Pro. So 100% increase in price, if not more. But you also get a display to go with it, so it equals out.
  • try to play Uncharted on a gaming laptop.... or not cuz you cant... or yes if you pay for PS Play but for that you wont need a gaming rig  
  • Just, WOOOOOW!!!
  • Cool to see them this thin but it isn't but the size comparision is a little off. Yes this is 18mm while the 13in Air is 17mm. But, I would be willing to bet that this is 18mm at every point while the Air is 17mm at the fattest point and much thinner at most points.