“Army of Darkness” update launches today for Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game Army of Darkness update
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What you need to know 

  • Evil Dead: The Game is receiving its first major content update since launch.  
  • The “Army of Darkness” update brings new weapons, the Castle Kandar map, Exploration mode, and more.  
  • Outside of some paid cosmetic items, these additions are free for all players.

As announced late last week, Evil Dead: The Game is getting its first chunk of post-launch content. The “Army of Darkness” update brings the medieval Castle Kandar map, two devastating weapons, Exploration mode, and a suite of fresh paid cosmetic items. Players have eagerly awaited supplemental content for Evil Dead: The Game since it launched precisely two months ago.   

The Castle Kandar map will feature a host of iconic locations from the Army of Darkness film, including the Windmill, Arthurian Outpost, Fort Gort, and the Castle Kandar Keep. For fans of the franchise, these detailed environments encourage thorough examination. Thankfully, the new single-player Exploration mode allows players the freedom to navigate these legendary locales at their leisure. Players can free-roam across any location in Evil Dead: The Game thanks to this bonus mode.

In addition to providing new areas to destroy Deadites in, the Army of Darkness update also introduces a pair of terrifying tools of destruction. The Mace is a powerhouse close-range weapon perfect for players who prefer more intimate combat, and the Explosive Crossbow offers catastrophic ranged damage. These welcomed weapons should help spice up showdowns against the hordes of Kandarian forces.   

While the Castle Kandar map, Exploration mode, and the Mace and Explosive Crossbow are free for all players, this update also features shiny paid cosmetics. The Ash S-Mart Employee Outfit and Gallant Knight Outfit can be purchased for $2.99 each. For Season Pass 1 owners, the Medieval Bundle will be included at no additional charge. Still, anyone can scoop up new outfits for Henry the Red, Lord Arthur, and Evil Ash as an optional purchase for $7.99.   

The team at Saber Interactive continues working diligently to refine the balance of Evil Dead: The Game. For the complete list of gameplay changes, check out the patch notes on the team’s official website. From everything described here, it sounds as though the roadmap for Evil Dead: The Game is getting off to a commendable start. 


Evil Dead: The Game 

Evil Dead: The Game delivers an asymmetrical horror experience that leans into intense action and deep multiplayer-centric gameplay. Grab some friends, your trusty Boomstick, and check out the fresh content.

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