F1 Manager 23 gets physical release and a recent major update means now is the best time to jump in to the real hot seat

F1 Manager Lando Norris in for a pitstop with his five second penalty to serve.
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What you need to know

  • As of September 12th 2023 the physical version of F1 Manager 23 is available.
  • It has a recommended retail price of $54.99/£44.99/€54.99.
  • This follows on from the first major update for the game released at the end of August.

So you want to be the manager of an F1 team, but you have a slight aversion to digital game purchases? Well, today the physical version of the game has been released; available at all of your favorite retailers for the recommended retail price of $54.99/£44.99/€54.99. Perfect for those of you that want a physical version as part of your collection.

F1 Manager 23 launched a month ago, and we thought it was pretty good in our review, but that it needed some extra features to make it a truly great game. With it being only the second game in the franchise however, it was a nice step forward from Frontier's first effort and in my opinion more than worth picking up if you're a fan of F1 and/or management games.

F1 Manager 23 (Xbox physical copy)

F1 Manager 23 (Xbox physical copy)

Put yourself in the hot seat and live out your wildest F1 dreams, now with a physical copy for those who prefer not to go digital. 

A really strange looking Lando Norris on the F1 Manager 23 menu.

Lando is not impressed that you're not playing the game yet. (Image credit: Future)

At the end of August the first major update, Patch 1.6 was released for F1 manager 23 bringing the ability for you as a Team Principal to switch teams at the end of a season. If you make it to the end of a season before getting fired, that is!

Here's what else was added and fixed:

  • Now includes DLSS and FSR 2 support.
  • Updated car models and details, such as the blue marking on George Russell's Mercedes.
  • General game stability fixes.
  • Fixed a PC only crash related to DX12.

Frontier also mentions in the Update Notes for F1 Manager 23 that they have an upcoming "under investigation" post where they will address issues specifically raised by the community. I have to say that's something that I really love to see from a developer, and it points to the F1 Manager franchise having a bright future. We'll have more on the game as more updates are released.

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