The Fallout show creators confirm what we all expected for Season 2

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What you need to know

  • In a new interview, the showrunners on Fallout have all but confirmed (without actually saying the word for reasons) that New Vegas will be a focus in season two.
  • They also addressed some speculation and fan theories that may or may not play a role in season two. 
  • The Wasteland has changed, and it's not intended that season two will simply pick up after the end of Fallout: New Vegas.
  • There will be a few spoilers in this post, so if you haven't finished the show yet, maybe come back later. 

Everyone is still talking about Fallout, and I'm perfectly fine with that. Season one of Fallout on Prime Video is in the books, and epic, and thoughts now start turning towards the recently confirmed season two. 

In the season one finale, there was that pretty obvious tease about at least one location we might be visiting next. I'm talking, of course, about New Vegas, with its distinctive skyline towering above the Wasteland. 

To that end, in a new interview with GQ, showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, have offered some clarity on this. Naturally, without officially actually saying the words that it's confirmed we're going to New Vegas, we're going to New Vegas. 

So we are hoping to do that again in another area that is strongly implied by the finale of the first season. [Laughs.] I might as well have said it at that point.


Beyond that little snippet, it's interesting to hear their idea of how to approach New Vegas. The Fallout show is set the furthest into the future of any property in the franchise, and as pointed out, the world changes. 

All we really want the audience to know is that things have happened, so that there isn't an expectation that we pick the show up in season two, following one of the myriad canon endings that depend on your choices when you play [Fallout: New Vegas].


I can get behind this. The Fallout show, is, after all, its own thing. Where The Last of Us kinda sorta followed the story of the game, Fallout is its own distinct part of the universe that fits in with the overall timeline and lore. It'd be crazy to expect anything less. We're seeing the Wasteland in a new light, a new time, so it's going to be interesting to see their take on New Vegas. 

New Vegas is one of the more exciting pieces of information, but the interview also discussed other aspects of the first season that may have repercussions moving forward. 

THAT Vault-Tec meeting 

Barbara Howard in the Vault-Tec meeting in Fallout Season 1

Yes, THAT meeting from season one has more story to tell.  (Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Yes, the interview also raised the subject of THAT Vault-Tec meeting with its terrible partner companies discussing how to monetize the end of the world. 

This sequence was packed with a surprising amount of detail, and much of it will, it seems, be explored in the next season. Including the big question; did Vault-Tec drop the bombs? 

Well, we have more story to tell. I would just not treat anything as definitive because, again, everything that we see is very subjective. That scene occurred. But what occurs between then and the actual bombs falling… there's more exciting stuff planned between that moment and the last moment, I guess I should say.


This is certainly one of the more intriguing questions that I was left with from the first season. Fallout lore around the Great War talks of the nuclear conflict between the United States and China following a previous decade of war. It was this that essentially ended the world. 

But the TV show has thrown a new spanner in the works. Vault-Tec was betting on catastrophe in order to finance its business. But would they, did they, actually drop the first bomb and set the whole thing in motion? Where this story goes will be very interesting. 

The shadowy figures watching the meeting play out? We'll be seeing them again, in some way. It's an "interesting moment" for a "future story." Who doesn't love a good mystery? 

A promising future in the Wasteland

Hurry up Season two! (Image credit: Prime Video)

The team that made Fallout just get it. Even as a more casual fan of the franchise, I can see that. This interview is just more proof of that. The team understands the series, understands the love the fans have for it, and understands how to bring a new angle on the world. 

Fallout: New Vegas is widely accepted as the best Fallout game, and to see such thought and care already put into bringing this iconic part of the franchise is most excellent. A new Fallout game might well be many years away, but in the meantime, fans are in good hands with Amazon. 

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