Grounded: How to get Grub Hide

The oak tree in Grounded.
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Originally a passion project from a small team of developers at Obsidian, Grounded has taken players by storm and proven to be an action-packed open-world survival sandbox. Following its 1.0 release, the game quickly shot up the charts and cemented itself as one of the best games on Xbox Game Pass. If you’re just getting your start in the backyard, however, you may find yourself in desperate need of some Grub Hide and with little idea on how to get your hands on it.  Here’s a quick guide that’ll have you churning out Grub Hide leather in no time.

Grub remains after being excavated in Grounded

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  1. Grub Hide is common loot that is dropped by grubs along with grub sludge and raw grub meat. Grubs move slowly under the dirt, and their position is revealed by the disturbed earth moving around them.  To uncover the grubs, you’re going to first need to acquire a shovel.
  2. There are two shovels currently available to craft in Grounded, though for the purpose of hunting grubs, the Acorn Shovel is the one we will focus on as it is the easiest to acquire. An acorn shovel is crafted from 2 sprigs, 1 crude rope (crafted from plant fibers), and 1 acorn shell (collected from busting acorns with a hammer in the Oak Tree biome.) Scan the acorn shell at a field station for science to unlock the recipe.
  3. Once you’ve crafted an Acorn Shovel, you can begin to look for disturbances in the exposed earth. The area around the Oak Tree often has the most grubs hanging around just below the surface. 
  4. After you've spotted a potential grub, use your shovel to dig the squirmy little critter up above the surface. Watch out, however, as sometimes you’ll be surprised with a larva that’s willing to fight back.
  5. Grubs are passive creatures in Grounded, and they pose no threat to players, but they will retreat underground if you do not finish them off once they’re above ground. A couple of pokes with your shovel will do the trick, or you can switch to another weapon to make quick work of them.
  6. Don’t forget to loot the remains for some Grub Hide. You’re going to need a lot, so you may as well go looking for more grubs while you’ve got your shovel out.

Grub Hide is relatively easy to acquire, but players need an abundance of it in early game play for armor, weapons, decor, and consumables. Crafting a canteen, for example, requires 3 Grub Hide, but the tool is invaluable for striking out on riskier adventures that may take you further from the safety of clean drinking water. Stock up on it early and your time in the garden will be that much easier as you'll be ready to craft other basic tools and weapons as necessary.

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