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Grounded is an upcoming survival sandbox game from Obsidian, set in someone's back yard. Indeed, in Grounded, you're shrunk down to the size of an ant, and must survive by scavenging items from your surroundings, or "borrowed" from your vanquished (vanqsquished?) enemies.

Here is a growing list of all the mobs and critters we've found in Grounded so far.



A microscopic struggle for survival



It's a big world out there

Grounded is Obsidian Entertainment's latest title, offering a unique survival experience where the player is the size of an ant, and everything in the backyard wants to make you its next meal.


Grounded Passive mobs

Passive mobs in Grounded are usually small and fearful critters that flee on-sight, or will attempt to flee if you try to attack them. Others are simply helpless, and can be smushed for materials and often food as well.

Name Details Picture
Grub Grubs are protein-filled worm-like bois that dig around underground. You can extract them with a shovel when you see something digging. Find them easily at the oak tree.

Loot: Grub Hide, Grub Goop, Raw Grub Meat
Grounded Grub
Aphid Aphids scurry around creating honeydew, and are the favorite food of ladybugs. And well, now you too. They can be found everywhere.

Loot: Raw Aphid Meat
Weevil Weevils are shy critters that often get attacked by, well, everything. They can be found in grassy areas.

Loot: Raw Weevil Meat, Weevil Nose
Grounded Weevil
Water Boatman Water Boatman is a creature that is only found in the pond biome. They occasionally rise to the surface to snatch some air, and carry around an air bubble on their belly. Grounded Water Boatman Cropped
Tadpole Tadpoles are small creatures that look like eels with big eyes. Tadpoles are only found in the pond biome north of the Oak tree. Grounded Pond Update Tadpole Cropped

Grounded Neutral mobs

Neutral mobs aren't aggressive, but will attack if you upset them. Some even link up with other friends, leading to sticky situations potentially. Be careful if you plan to engage!

Name Details Picture
Worker Ant Worker ants can be seen all over the place, attacking other insects for food, and farming honeydew. These bugs can be found all over the place.

Loot: Ant Parts, Ant Mandibles
Grounded   Grounded 2020 06 18 12 10
Ladybug Ladybugs roam around, knocking down grass stems and munching on aphids. They're pretty nasty if you upset them, though, so be weary. You can find them near the pond at the oak tree, but they roam all over. Grounded   Grounded 2020 06 18 12 09
Bee Bee's can be found all over Grounded, flying high above the grass, buzzing around flowers and pathing around the sky. If provoked, they will attack, and they pack and absolute wallop! Grounded Screenshot Bee Cropped List

Grounded Aggressive mobs

Aggressive mobs are the ones that are truly nasty, and must be avoided if you don't wish to end up in a bitter fight to the death. Some are easier to kill than others. Mites and Gnats are aggressive, but are squishy as heck. On the other side of the spectrum, Wolf Spiders will ruin your day if you hang around for too long. For the bigger critters, you may need higher level weapons and armor.

Name Details Picture
Gnat Gnats are annoying flies that buzz around and get in your face. They do no damage, so slap them, and they'll go down. They are often near water.

Loot: Gnat fuzz, Gnat meat.
Grounded Gnat
Mite Mites are small spider-like creatures that like to bite off more than they can chew. Easily squished with any weapon. You can find lots near the rake on the West side of the map. Grounded Mite
Infected Mite Infected Mites are more powerful than their red cousins, and cause poisonous wounds when they bite. They can be found in the chemical-blasted area in the north west. Grounded Infected Mite
Infected Weevil Unlike regular Weevils, Infected Weevils will rush you and then explode, having been infected with some kind of spore fungus. They can be found in the north west chemical-ridden area of the map. Grounded Infected Weevil
Spiderling Often found inside spider dens, these squishy spider babies die quick, but can swarm too. They can be found in the spider nest near the rake on the west side of the map. Grounded Spiderling
Soldier Ant Found inside ant hills, Soldier Ants are far more powerful than Worker Ants, with powerful attacks that require armor to withstand. There's an ant hill near the oak tree. Grounded Soldier Ant
Stinkbug These angry beetles will chase you down and spray poisonous acid clouds before trying to munch you to death. Arrows are a good option against them. They can be found north and east of the rake, which is in the west side of the map. Grounded Stinkbug
Bombadier Beetle Similar to Stinkbugs, Bombadier Beetles spray a nasty chemical from their abdomen when disturbed. They crawl all over the rock where the rake lays to the west. Grounded Bombadier Beetle
Orb Weaver Spider These smaller spiders travel around the map putting up sticky webs on random blades of grass. They can be found all over the map, especially to the north east of the oak tree, and to the south under the berry hedge. Grounded Orb Weaver Spider
Wolf Spider This is one of the most powerful enemies in the game. They have a few nests, under the oak tree, and under the rake to the west. They also occasionally roam around. Perfect blocks are required to beat it. Grounded Wolf Spider
Larvae Larvae are an incredibly dangerous pack-hunting creature that gather in small swarms of anywhere up to five individuals. Larvae roam around, and hunt storage boxes with food. You can find a nest of them in the south west corner of the map, and inside a tunnel beneath the spade to the south. Grounded Larvae
Water Flea Water Fleas are more of an annoyance than being an actual dangerous creature. These creatures can only be found in large bodies of water, such as the koi pond and the flooded zone. Grounded Screenshot Water Flea Cropped
Diving Bell Spider Diving Bell Spiders is another creature that can only be found in the Koi Pond biome, north of the Oak tree. These suckers pack a punch, are an agile swimmer and usually have a buddy or two nearby to create some extra chaos. Grounded Diving Bell Spider Cropped
Mosquito Easily the deadliest and most dangerous enemy in the sky, the Mosquito is an insect that can almost knock you out with a single hit. These creatures hang around the edges of large bodies of water. Grounded Mosquito Cropped
Firefly Easily spotted at night, the Firefly is another dangerous and aggressive flying insect that will attack if you venture too close. Fireflies hang around near the porch of the home, the Koi Pond, light sources and bodies of water. Grounded Screenshot Firefly Cropped

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