Grounded: List of enemy bugs, creatures, mobs, monsters, and where to find them

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The backyard continues to get bigger. 

Obsidian Entertainment's survival game Grounded is still growing long after its full release and exiting early access. Players take on the role of a kid that's been shrunk down to the size of an ant, meaning everyday trash and plant life now looks like a dense jungle that's full of secrets to explore. 

Of course, this also means that the bugs you might not have noticed before are now huge in comparison, ranging from the comparably-sized ants to monstrous spiders. There's no need to start your escapades without warning, so here's the full list of creatures in Grounded:

Grounded — Harmless mobs

Who could say no to such a cute critter? (Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

The weakest types of creatures you'll see in Grounded are the Harmless mobs. These cannot fight back against you, so you are free to attack and smash them for resources with impunity. They're also usually (but not always) on the smaller side. 

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GrubGrubs are protein-filled worm-like bois that dig around underground. You can extract them with a shovel when you see something digging. Find them easily at the oak tree.Grub Hide, Grub Goop, Raw Grub Meat
AphidAphids scurry around creating honeydew, and are the favorite food of ladybugs. And well, now you too. They can be found everywhere.Raw aphid meat
WeevilWeevils are shy critters that often get attacked by, well, everything. They can be found in grassy areas.Raw Weevil Meat, Weevil Nose
Water BoatmanWater Boatman is a creature that is only found in the pond biome. They occasionally rise to the surface to snatch some air, and carry around an air bubble on their belly.Water boatman fin
TadpoleTadpoles are smal creatures that look like eels with big eyes. Tadpoles are only found in the pond biome north of the Oak tree.Raw tadpole meat
Meaty GnatMeaty gnats are thick boy variants of typical gnats that can be found around the trash heap. Gnat fuzz, Raw gnat meat
ScarabThese completely harmless but incredibly fast little bug can be found scurrying about the upper yard.Twinkling shell
CrowThe Crow can be an ominous figure, but it does not attack the player in any way. It can be seen resting on various points of interest throughout the map.Crow feather
GnatSmall flying bugs that can be found in especially large swarms in the Flooded Zone areas. Gnats can be annoying and bump into you causing knockback.Apple Bits, Billy Hog Bite, Cookie Sandwich Bits, Gnat Fuzz, Raw Gnat Meat

Grounded — Neutral mobs

This ladybug can square up if need be. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The next tier of creatures you'll find in Grounded are the Neutral mobs. These bugs won't attack you...first thing. Get in their way, cause problems, or attack them, and you'll quickly mark yourself as a target as they fight back, some in more coordinated ways than others. 

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Red Worker AntWorker ants can be seen all over the place, attacking other insects for food, and farming honeydew. These bugs can be found all over the place.Red Ant Parts, Red Ant Mandibles
Black Worker AntBlack worker ants are heartier than their red counterparts and often patrol the outer reaches of the yard, as well as the black anthill.Black ant head, Black ant part
LadybugLadybugs roam around, knocking down grass stems and munching on aphids. They're pretty nasty if you upset them, though, so be weary. You can find them near the pond at the oak tree, but they roam all over.Ladybug head, Ladybug part
BeeBees can be found all over Grounded, flying high above the grass, buzzing around flowers and pathing around the sky, but are most common near the picnic table. If provoked, they will attack, and they pack and absolute wallop! Pollen, Bee fuzz, Bee stinger
FireflyFireflies can be found hovering or grazing around the flooded zone at night, or asleep in the flower bed during the day. Glow goo, Iridescent scale
Sickly Roly PolyFound in the grasslands to the west, the sickly roly poly is weakened by its surrounded but once agitated they can pack just as much of a punch as their healthier buddies. Tough gunk, Roly poly part
Roly PolyThese are one of the largest bugs in the yard and feature a moveset similar to the ladybug. However, when rolled into a defensive position it can recover health. Tough gunk, Roly poly part, Roly poly shell
MothSleepy creatures found mostly in the upper east section of the backyard. They have some dangerous cloud-of-dust attacks that cause bleed build-up.Moth fuzz, Moth scale

Grounded — Aggressive mobs

Eyes in the dark. (Image credit: Windows Central)

This tier, the Angry mobs, is where the real danger lies. Outside of some super-specific situations (like using special armor to trick ants) these creatures will always attack you on sight. Some are far more dangerous than others. A mite is no concern, but if you see a big spider early on? Run. 

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NameDetailsHeader Cell - Column 2
Lawn MiteMites are small spider-like creatures that like to bite off more than they can chew. Easily squished with any weapon. You can find lots near the rake on the West side of the map.Mite fuzz
Infected MiteInfected Mites are more powerful than their red cousins, and cause poisonous wounds when they bite. They can be found in the chemical-blasted area in the north west.Mite fuzz, fungal growth
Infected WeevilUnlike regular Weevils, Infected Weevils will rush you and then explode, having been infected with some kind of spore fungus. They can be found in the north west chemical-ridden area of the map. Fungal growth, weevil nose
Infected GnatThese are regular gnats parasitically infested cousins. While they're little more than a nuisance, enough of them can gang up on you with friends to pose a hazard. Fungal growth, Gnat fuzz, Raw gnat meat
Infected LadybugThese lumbering beasts feature all the terrifying body power of a typical ladybug, while also launching spores of fungi with explosive damage at players. Fungal growth, Ladybug head, Ladybug part
Dust MiteDust mites behave like a hybrid of lawn mites and infected lawn mites. They are often found around Black worker ants, whom they will agitate and cause to attack the player. Dust mite fuzz
SpiderlingOften found inside spider dens or eggs, these squishy spider babies die quick, but can swarm too. They can be found in the spider nest near the rake on the west side of the map.Web fiber
Red Soldier AntFound inside ant hills, Red Soldier Ants are far more powerful than Worker Ants, with powerful attacks that require armor to withstand. There's an ant hill near the oak tree. Red ant parts, Red ant head, Red ant mandibles
Black Soldier AntBlack soldier ants often guard areas with a high amount of human made resources in addition to the black ant hill. Black ant parts, Black ant head, Black ant mandibles
StinkbugThese angry beetles will chase you down and spray poisonous acid clouds before trying to munch you to death. Arrows are a good option against them. They can be found in the chemical spill affected area known as The Haze, and you may want to craft a gas mask before getting too close..Stinkbug part, Stinkbug gas sack
Green Shield BugThese dangerous stinkbug variants can be found around the shed, near a bag of fertilizer. Tough gunk, Stinkbug part, Super stink sack
Bombadier BeetleSimilar to Stinkbugs, Bombadier Beetles spray a nasty chemical from their abdomen when disturbed. They crawl all over the rock where the rake lays to the west in the Haze. Boiling gland, Bombardier parts
Orb Weaver SpiderThese smaller spiders travel around the map putting up sticky webs on random blades of grass. They can be found all over the map, especially to the north east of the oak tree, and to the south under the berry hedge.Spider chunk, Web fiber
Orb Weaver Jr. A variant of the Orb Weaver with less health.Spider chunk, Web fiber
Wolf SpiderThis is one of the most powerful enemies in the game. They have a few nests, under the oak tree, and under the rake to the west. They also occasionally roam around. Perfect blocks are required to beat it.Spider chunk, Spider fang, Spider venom
LarvaLarva are an incredibly dangerous pack-hunting creature that gather in small swarms of anywhere up to five individuals. Larvae roam around, and hunt storage boxes with food. You can find a nest of them in the south west corner of the map, and inside a tunnel beneath the spade to the south.Acid gland, Larva spike
Infected LarvaLike other infected mobs, infected Larva can be found in areas polluted with haze and are more aggressive than their healthier counterparts. Loot: Fungal growth, Acid gland, Larva SpikeFungal growth, Acid gland, Larva Spike
Infected Wolf SpiderSimilar to other wolf spiders but infected with fungal growth due to being in The Haze. Fungal growth, Spider chunk, Spider fang, Spider venom
Ladybird LarvaThese extra tough, and extra cranky, larva can be found in the upper yard near the heat of the BBQ spill. Acid gland, Tough gunk, and Larva spike
LadybirdA much angrier version of the ladybug that can be found near the wood pile and shed. Tough gunk, Ladybug head, Ladybug part
Water FleaWater Fleas are more of an annoyance than being an actual dangerous creature. These creatures can only be found in large bodies of water, such as the koi pond and the flooded zone.Water flea meat
Diving Bell SpiderDiving Bell Spiders is another creature that can only be found in the Koi Pond biome, north of the Oak tree. These suckers pack a punch, are an agile swimmer and usually have a buddy or two nearby to create some extra chaos.Diving bell spider chunk, Web fiber
MosquitoEasily one of the deadliest and most dangerous enemy in the sky, the Mosquito is an insect that can almost knock you out with a single hit. These creatures hang around the edges of large bodies of water.Mosquito beak, Mosquito blood sack
AntlionAntlions can be found drilling around in the sandbox, causing the ground to rumble before springing up to attack. Some variants are planted in wells in the sand and will launch corpses of black worker ants at players who get too close. Antlion part, Antlion pincer
Black Ox BeetleAbsolute tank of an insect that can be found in the areas surrounding the shed. Black ox horn, Black ox part, tough gunk
TermiteFound in the Termite Den near the woodpile, these nasty little critters serve as a tier 3 ant variant and can easily overwhelm players who are not prepared for their numbers. Acid gland, Tough gunk, Termite part
Termite SoldierAlso in the Termite Den, termite soldiers are akin to angrier, beefier soldier ants. Tough gunk, Termite part, Termite chompers
Termite KingFound deep inside the belly of the termite den, the Termite King guards only one small area and lacks some of the more dangerous attacks of the smaller variants but makes up for it by having just an absolutely unnecessary health bar.Tough gunk, Termite chompers, Termite king carapace, Termite part, BURG.L Chip
TAYZ.TA non-insect related mob, TAYZ.Ts are a squad of janitorial robots that can be found in each of Grounded's science labs. Raw science
RUZ.TWeaker variant of the TAYZ.T that is exclusively in the Hedge lab.Raw science
ARC.RThe next step up from TAYZ.Ts, the ARC.R patrols the pond lab and black ant hill. Can attack with balls of electricity.Raw science
Fire Worker AntThe weaker of the fire ants, their main goal is to collect food but will attack if they see you.Fire Ant Head, Fire Ant Egg, Fire Ant Part
Fire Soldier AntThe tougher fire ants that focus on defending their workers and anthill.Fire Ant Head, Fire Ant Mandibles, Fire Ant Part
Ladybird LarvaTough larva found all over, but primarily in the burrow and the BBQ spill. Acid Gland, Insulating Larva Spike, Larva Spike, Tough Gunk
AntlionA strong creature with powerful pincers, the antlion is found burrowed in sandy areas such as the sandbox.Antlion Part, Antlion Pincer
Black WidowlingTougher than normal spiderlings, these young black widows are found near their mothers. Web Fiber, Black Widow Fang, Spider Chunk
Black WidowAn extremely tough spider that's resistance to every kind of damage.Black Widow Fang, Spider Chunk, Super Spider Venom
Spiny Water FleaSuper-quick fleas that are more dangerous than regular water fleas.Pond Moss, Water Flea Meat
Tiger MosquitoA tough mosquito found in the upper areas of the yard that can quickly drain a player's life.Mosquito Blood Sack, Tiger Mosquito Beak
WaspThese creatures are found in swarms protecting their nests. They have a variety of attacks and are almost never found alone.Pollen, Wasp Leg, Wasp Shell
Wasp DroneActing as support for the larger regular wasps, their screams can heal any nearby swarming allies.Pollen, Wasp Leg, Wasp Shell, Wasp Paper
Koi FishThe centerpiece threat of the Koi Pond, it can't be killed. Attacking it however does have a chance of dropping scales.Koi Fish Scale

Grounded — Bosses

Be prepared. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Bosses in Grounded are unique, powerful creatures that can have multiple stages or extremely unique attacks. Many (but not all) of these foes will summon underlings. Players should have some of the best possible equipment before taking these threats on. 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Assistant ManagerThe Assistant Manager is modified version of the ARC.R tasked with guarding the master keycard deep inside the Black Anthill Lab. Manager keycard, Raw science
Hedge BroodmotherThe Hedge broodmother is one of the most terrifying of all creatures in Grounded. Located inside the hedge, players must first craft a special Broodmother BLT to summon her for the fight. Broodmother chunks, broodmother fangs, broodmother venom, web fiber
MantA custom creature designed to resemble a monster in the Minotaurs & Myrmidons game. It's not difficult to summon, as players simply have to enter its lair in the Undershed Lab.Raw Science
MantisLurking in the Shed Surroundings, the Mantis isn't accessible until you take on the Broodmother, as its summoning item, the Orchid Mantis Kebab, contains Broodmother Chunks.Mantis Chunk, Mantis Claw, Mantis Head, Mantis Trinket
Director SchmectorThe final boss of the game, and located in the Mysterious Lab. Ominent Data Disk, Raw Science
Wasp QueenSummoned with the Bee Bee Q Medley in the Wasp Nest, the Wasp Queen has a gnarly health bar and commands her hive.Wasp Queen Chunk, Wasp Queen Head, Wasp Queen Trinket, Wasp Queen Wing
Infected BroodmotherThe strongest boss in the game, the Infected Broodmother is a Hedge Broodmother that's been empowered by fungal infection. She's summoned with a Moldy Hoagie in the Haze.Infected Fang, Infected Chunk, Infected Venom, Infected Broodmother Trinket

Experiment and have fun!

With the addition of the Playgrounds mode in Grounded's Make It or Break It update, you can experiment and toy around with all these creatures yourself. Create custom adventures that are relaxed romps or thrilling challenges, it's up to you.

Grounded is currently available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Like all Xbox first-party titles, it's also available in Xbox Game Pass. 



Survive alone or with a group of similarly shrunken friends in the terrifyingly large world of the backyard. Build bases, scavenge to survive, and explore the yard to uncover the secrets that led to you being so tiny.

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