Grounded: How to get to the Shed

The Shed in Grounded
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One of Grounded's toughest areas to get to and explore is the Shed. The road to this giant landmark is a treacherous one, and there are also plenty of threats at the Shed itself as well. With that said, experienced players should still make an effort to visit the area, because as long as they've got some good armor, a reliable weapon, and a fair amount of supplies, they'll be able to survive its dangers and collect the rewards it has to offer.

The path that leads to the Shed is a fairly obscure one, but worry not; we're here with a complete guide to reaching it. Here's a complete overview of the journey you'll  have to take that includes the path itself, details on the threats you'll encounter both on the way and at the Shed itself, and the types of loot and rewards you can expect to pocket.

Grounded: Shed location and how to reach

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The Shed in Grounded is located in the northernmost part of the Backyard, sandwiched between the Woodpile biome in the northwest and the northeastern portion of the Upper Yard area. Your journey to it begins in the Upper Yard Ascent location, which is comprised of the path of stepping stones found east of the Picnic Table biome.

Traversing the Upper Yard Ascent

To get through the Upper Yard Ascent, you'll need to travel north on its large stone path until you come across the rock wall that separates the Shed Surroundings area from the main Grasslands biome. Once you do, move east until you spot a break in the wall that you can reach by climbing a nearby branch. Near the top of this break is a cracked stone that you can destroy with a Bratburst or Splatburst explosive; note that there's also a Milk Molar below you should collect while you're here.

Once you destroy the stone, you can climb up and over the wall break by jumping between the roots and rock ledges in it. Be prepared for a fight when you do, as there are typically one or two Wolf Spiders on top of the rock wall that may spot you right away. Once they're taken care of, look west past the fallen oak tree leaves on the wall and you'll spot the fallen BBQ grill. Make your way over to it.

Climbing the BBQ Spill

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Your next challenge is to make your way up the large mound of ash and hot coals that spilled out of the grill. This "BBQ Spill" area is its own miniature biome, and it's quite a deadly one. Not only will the ash and coals inflict a more dangerous version of the Sizzle effect from the Sandbox, but you're also likely to run into powerful Ladybug Larvae that burrow out of the ground and attack you. To help counter these threats, we recommend equipping the heat-resistant Antilion Armor as well as a stabbing weapon or the mighty Mint Mace. Both Stabbing and Fresh damage are very strong against Ladybug Larvae, so either option works well. Eating a Quesadillantlion consumable is also a good idea, as it provides strong Sizzle resistance.

Don't stop to smell the roses here. While there are some good items to be found in the BBQ Spill, you should only explore the area thoroughly if you have plenty of Quesadillantlions and repair materials for your weapons and armor. If you're not prepared for a long expedition in the area, sprint to the top of the ash pile and jump into the Shed Surroundings proper.

Reaching the Shed

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Now that you're past the BBQ Spill and in the Shed Surroundings, the last thing you need to do is head directly east through the dry grass until you come across a greener area with a tipped over Samsquanch Dirt Bike. Note that there are a few pits you'll need to carefully jump over along the way; falling into one will deal moderate fall damage and force you to engage with the tanky Black Ox Beetles, Ladybird Larvae, and fully grown Ladybirds that often patrol the trenches. Make sure you have a Mint Mace or Stabbing weapon handy for Ladybirds, as well as a Salty or Busting weapon at the ready for dealing with Black Ox Beetles.

Once you reach the bike, use the small mounds of dirt next to its back tire to climb onto it and make your way to the front of it. From the section of the bike just under its handlebars, you can safely hop onto the deck of the Shed and begin to explore.

Grounded: Shed resources, bugs, and more

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The Shed is relatively sparse in terms of resources despite how difficult it is to reach, although there are some important items like Milk Molars and Mint Shards scattered around the area. With that said, there are two important resources located here that you won't find anywhere else: Lint and Dust Mite Fuzz. The former can be collected from the respawning Lint Clusters found all over the nearby mat, while the latter can be looted from the Dust Mite mobs that regularly patrol said mat. Lint is necessary for making Lint Rope that you can use in several high-tier crafts, including Termite Armor. Dust Mite Fuzz, meanwhile, is used with Wooden Splinters to create powerful Splinter Arrows.

The toughest and most annoying enemies on the deck are Dust Mites, which will attempt to swarm you and debuff you with a ranged attack that lowers your movement speed and damage. They're weak to Fresh and Stabbing damage, so go to town with your Mint Mace or a good spear. They're worth killing for the aforementioned fuzz that they drop, but try not to aggro all of them at the same time so you don't get overwhelmed. Strangely, the Black Worker Ants and Black Soldier Ants that walk around the rest of the deck will also attack you if they spot you fighting Dust Mites, so try and fight the Mites away from the Black Ants if possible.

There's also a hidden area beneath the Shed deck that you can access by dropping through a crack in the wooden floor. Here, you'll find a Buster Cap Gun toy and a Green Shield Bug — a unique type of Stinkbug that has significantly stronger defenses and gas attacks. It can drop Green Shield Bug Parts that can be used to make an EvarChar Torch, Super Stink Sacks that can be crafted into deadly Super Gas Arrows, and the Tough Gunk resource that's often used when crafting powerful weapons and tools. It, like the Dust Mites on the deck above, is weak to Fresh and Stabbing damage.

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The Shed deck is also a valuable central location that you can use to branch off to the other biomes near the Shed Surroundings, including the Woodpile to the west and the Upper Yard area to the northeast. While it's not possible to access either of these locations from this area without building, you'll only need to create a few ramps and floors in order to get to either area.

Grounded is officially out now on Xbox and PC for $30, and has quickly proven itself to be one of the best Xbox games of all time for fans of survival games thanks to its unique and creative theming, content-rich open world, and deep crafting, upgrade, and combat systems.



Over two years of development in early access have led to one of the most impressive survival games released in recent memory, and one of the top Xbox games of 2022. Grounded is an experience that simply shouldn't be missed, especially if you can play with friends.

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