Halo Infinite's massive Winter Update is available to download now

Halo Infinite
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What you need to know

  • Halo Infinite's Winter Update is now live and available to download on Xbox and PC.
  • The update is sized at roughly 10 GB and features the introduction of Forge, Match XP, campaign co-op, two new maps, a new mode, a free 30-tier Battle Pass, and more.
  • The update also brings 24 new campaign achievements, some balance changes, and adjustments for Halo Infinite's matchmaking systems.

Halo Infinite's Winter Update has officially gone live, bringing players of Microsoft's flagship shooter new content to enjoy, fresh items to unlock, several large improvements to a variety of the game's systems, and more. The new patch can be downloaded now on both Xbox and PC, and is roughly 10 GB in size.

The biggest additions of the update are the Forge beta, the Match XP beta, and the full introduction of online campaign co-op. With Forge, players can edit existing maps or create their own using a number of different objects, structures, props, and other tools. The Match XP beta, meanwhile, improves progression in Halo Infinite by making challenges less important, rewarding players for finishing matches and playing well in them, and halving the number of weekly challenges that players need to complete before they can access the weekly Ultimate Challenge (20 to 10). Campaign co-op allows four players to play through the Halo Infinite campaign together, and it has been accompanied by 24 new achievements and the ability to replay story missions.

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The update also features two new arena maps called Argyle and Detachment, a new game mode called Covert One Flag that emphasizes stealthy gameplay, a free 30-tier Battle Pass that includes new pieces of armor for your Spartan, some adjustments to Halo Infinite's matchmaking structure and algorithms, and balance tweaks to over and underperforming weapons. For a full overview of the update, don't miss our complete Halo Infinite Winter Update overview.

Halo Infinite is available now on Xbox and PC. Despite its issues, it's one of the best Xbox shooters on the market right now for fans of arena-style FPS combat, and since the multiplayer is free-to-play, there's zero barrier to entry. The campaign is fantastic, too, as it features exhilarating gameplay and an excellent story.


Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite promises fans the most ambitious Halo experience to date, featuring a fantastic campaign with a vast open world and an excellent story as well as a free-to-play multiplayer — bolstered by the Winter Update — with strong core gameplay and plenty of cosmetic unlocks.

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