How to get exotic components in The Division 2

Exotic components in The Division 2
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In The Division 2 there are a range of different crafting materials, but one, the exotic component, is rarer than the rest. That's because you can't just loot for them in the open world, as you can with things such as steel and titanium. 

Exotic components are important because you need them to upgrade and recalibrate exotic weapons and gear pieces, and they're part of levelling up your expertise as you hit higher levels. Of all the materials in the game, it's likely that exotic components are the one you're going to run out of most often. 

So, let's help you out with a few easy ways you can stock up when you have the opportunity. Some weeks you'll be able to get more than others if you have the time to put into playing, but right now, these are the easiest ways to get your hands on exotic components. 

1. Weekly and daily projects reward exotic components and exotic caches

Weekly projects will give you 3 exotic components upon completion.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The first thing you need to do every week are your projects. All of the rewards are listed on each card so you can see what you'll be coming out with, but they're regular, and a reliable source of exotic components. 

The weekly and daily projects will give you a small quantity of exotic components upon completion. These are rarely very difficult, and involve little more than targeted missions and activities at certain locations on the map. Weekly's will reward you three exotic components, while it's only a single unit for the dailies, but if you have the time to complete all of them that's 10 exotic components a week just from these projects. 

Likewise, if you're able to complete the weekly legendary mission project you'll get another exotic cache, with another item you can deconstruct for an exotic component. This isn't the most efficient method, for sure, but it's worth remembering. The Summit weekly project recently got a rework, too, shaving the number of floors you need to complete down to just 15 to get another Exotic Cache. You also have a chance at exotic items dropping from named enemies inside The Summit while you're working on your project. 

The final project you should hit every week is the SHD Requisition. With this one, all you need to do is donate some materials, and you'll get an Exotic Cache as your reward. 

2. Leagues and Global Events

Global Events are an easy reward of Exotic Caches.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

During each season, there are a number of Leagues and Global Events that take place that are another good source of exotic caches. Again, these yield exotic items that can be deconstructed for exotic components. Simply complete the challenges, work through the levels, collect the rewards. 

Global Events are particularly lucrative. If you already completed them before and got the unique reward at the end, subsequent playthroughs will award an additional Exotic Cache at max level. But beyond this, completing challenges in Global Events and levelling up your SHD watch will net you Stars. 

You can then exchange 20 of these at the Seasons Vendor for an Exotic Cache. If you've got the time to grind during a Global Event, you can pretty easily acquire a number of Exotic Caches to deconstruct into exotic components. 

3. Open world missions, Countdown, and Dark Zone 

Exotic items can drop from random and named enemies throughout the game.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

There's also just the possibility that you'll get an exotic drop from enemies in missions, across the open world, and in the Dark Zone. Or additionally upon the completion of missions. This relies entirely on RNG, and you'll have better chances on higher difficulty levels. But it's entirely possible. Again, breaking down whatever these drops are will net you an exotic component per item. 

Countdown similarly relies on RNG, but is another source of possible exotic drops. Countdown is a fantastic way to farm for specific loot types, though there's no guarantee any of it will be exotic quality. But there's always a chance. 

4. Faction Caches 

Entirely down to RNG, but exotic items can drop from faction caches. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Faction Caches are the boxes you'll see dotted around the open world and at some locations inside mission areas adorned with the logo of one of the different groups of enemies within The Division 2. If you come across one, open it up, as these, too, can drop exotic items you can deconstruct into exotic components.

Keys are awarded on the Season Pass, from projects, can drop from named enemies, a whole variety of locations. If you need to top up, hit the underground areas and look for the junction boxes on the walls. Not all of them have keys inside, but when you find one that does, it'll be glowing with an orange outline like any other lootable source. There's also one nestled away inside a shop unit inside the Pentagon, so don't forget to grab it any time you're over there running the missions. 

Sometimes you will need to rely on RNG, but there are at least some reliable ways to get a regular trickle of exotic components into your inventory. The best idea is to maximize your use of the methods like projects and Global Events, those that have a guaranteed reward of either exotic components or exotic caches you can break down. 

You can hold up to 999 exotic components in your inventory at any one time, so if you regularly take advantage of your opportunities to acquire them, it shouldn't take too long to build up a stash for when you need them. 

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