Minecraft Preview brings new experimental 1.20 update changes and more

Minecraft Preview
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What you need to know

  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.19.50 recently released to all Minecraft players on every platform.
  • Not wasting time, Mojang Studios has already returned to Minecraft Preview builds.
  • Preview is now available for testing, with new changes and improvements across the board.
  • There are also some further alterations to Minecraft 1.20 update features.

The wheel of time never stops turning for Minecraft, which always has something new prepared right around the corner. Mojang Studios just released a rather major patch update for the long-running creative survival game, and is now returning to pre-release Preview builds with its latest rollout.

Minecraft Preview follows hot on the heels of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.19.50, which was packed with an assortment of new features and changes. This Preview isn't nearly as exciting, but it does still bring plenty of bug fixes and changes for players, especially for those testing early Minecraft 1.20 update features. For example, you can now add and remove books from chiseled bookshelves in specific slots, rather than in the same order every time.

The best Xbox game is also letting players use bamboo planks and slabs in any recipe that calls for those wood blocks, further cementing bamboo as the latest wood option in Minecraft. Creators and those who love to dabble on the technical side of Minecraft can also expect some experimental API features and changes.

Interested players can now install and test Minecraft Preview on every compatible platform except for iOS, which is still having issues getting the latest Minecraft Preview builds. Mojang Studios is reportedly investigating the issue and looking for a solution. In the meantime, get your holidays shopping done with some of the best Minecraft toys and gifts.

The full changelog for Minecraft Preview includes:

Experimental Minecraft 1.20 features

Bamboo wood types

  • Bamboo Planks and Slabs can now be used in all recipes that take Planks of any wood type
  • Bamboo Mosaic (Planks and slabs) cannot be used as a general Wood Plank in crafting recipes
  • Renamed “Stripped Block of Bamboo” to “Block of Stripped Bamboo”, as it was incorrectly named
  • Block of Bamboo and Block of Stripped Bamboo are now correctly classified as "Woods" in the Creative inventory, instead of as "Logs"
  • Updated Block of Bamboo and Block of Stripped Bamboo textures, as their lighting was inconsistent with other blocks


  • Using a Saddle on an adult Camel now results in it being properly equipped
  • Dispensers can now equip Saddles to tamed Camels

Chiseled bookshelves

  • Books can now be removed and added to specific slots on the Chiseled Bookshelf
  • You can now remove a Book from the Chiseled Bookshelf while holding a Book in your hand


  • Player sound slider now correctly adjusts step and fall sounds for Bamboo blocks, Hanging Signs, Nether Wood types, and Chiseled Bookshelves
  • Block sound slider now correctly adjusts sounds for Chiseled Bookshelf
  • Lowered sound volume for Ender Dragon when placed on a Note Block
  • Jukebox slider now correctly adjusts sound level for Mob heads placed on Note Block

Features & bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where text fields would not regain focus after being deselected with a gamepad
  • Fixed an issue where user interface elements on the Achievements screen and the new Create New World screen didn't properly trigger sound effects


  • Fixed an issue where players could fall out of moving blocks when pushed upwards
  • Fixed an issue where night was being incorrectly skipped if the last player in a game is in the Nether or End
  • A player entering the Nether or End will now trigger a night skip if all players left in Overworld are sleeping
  • Fixed a bug where dropping an item and sleeping at the same time would cause the server to hang
  • Orbs spawned within the same block will merge and combine XP values until orb limit is reached


  • Fixed an issue that prevented some Tripwire Hooks from being valid when trading with a Fletcher Villager

Mobile controls

  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t interact with the toast notifications in Joystick and Crosshair touch controls


  • Fixed the Vex being incorrectly lit in dark surroundings
  • Fixed the Vex texture disparity between Bedrock and Java
  • Endermen, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons now only spawn at light level 7 and below (instead of 11 and below) in the Nether


  • Fixed a bug causing players’ hitboxes and nameplates to be unaligned when rejoining a world after dying and returning to menu without respawning

Touch controls

  • The inventory tab will now reset their hover state if the player uses the second input method and hover on another tab

Vanilla parity


  • Using a Saddle on a tamed Horse, Donkey, or Mule now results in it being equipped
  • Using Horse Armor on an unarmored, tamed Horse now results in it being equipped
  • Using a Carpet on a tamed Llama now results in it being equipped
  • Dispensers can now equip Saddles and Horse Armors to tamed Horses
  • Dispensers can now equip Saddles and Chests to tamed Mules and Donkeys
  • Dispensers can now equip Carpets and Chests to tamed Llamas
  • Dispensers can now equip Saddles to Pigs and Striders
  • Shears in a Dispenser will now only shear one Sheep at a time
  • Shears in a Dispenser will now shear Snow Golems and Mooshrooms

User interface

  • Fixed text to speech enumeration for the worlds in play screen, select language in settings screen, select controls in settings screen, and friends in invite friends screen when there are a large number of items in the list

Wandering Trader

  • The Wandering Trader will no longer have a chance to offer duplicate Seed trades

Technical updates


  • Added `inventory` as a possible `domain` value for the `has_equipment` filter, which allows to check for items stored in the actor's inventory
  • Added an `equip_item_slot` field to the `interact` component
    • If set, an item held by the player will be equipped to the specified slot upon successful interaction
    • If an item is already present in the specified slot, it will be moved to the player's inventory
    • Equipping an item removes it from the player's inventory, unless the player is in Creative Mode

Technical experimental features


  • Ensure Block Permutation Conditions cannot have side effects (like, `math.random`, `math.random_integer`, and variable assignment)


  • Block
    • Added function `getRedstonePower(): number` — Gets the Redstone signal strength of the Block if it is part of a circuit, otherwise returns undefined
  • Added `/scriptevent` command as part of the Beta APIs experiment. This is what will trigger `system.events.scriptEventReceive` events (see below)
    • Usage: `/scriptevent <messsageId: string> [message: ???]`
    • `messageId` must be namespaced, use of the `minecraft` namespace is invalid (like, `/scriptevent give:coal`, `/scriptevent my_scripts:spawn_sheep`)
    • `message` is optional, with a max length of 256 characters
  • `events.scriptEventReceive`
    • Added system event `events.scriptEventReceive`
    • Added read-only property `id: String` — The namespaced ID of the event
    • Added read-only property `message: String` — The content of the message the event was sent with
    • Added read-only property `sourceBlock: Block` — The command block that triggered / executed the command call if applicable, otherwise undefined
    • Added read-only property `sourceEntity: Entity` — The player / entity that executed the command call if applicable, otherwise undefined
    • Added read-only property `initiator: Entity` — The player that caused an NPC to execute the command call if applicable, otherwise undefined
    • Added read-only property `sourceType: MessageSourceType` — The type of source the event was triggered by
    • `subscribe()` can filter by valid namespace string using the `ScriptEventMessageFilterOptions` class
  • `ScriptEventMessageFilterOptions`
    • Added `ScriptEventMessageFilterOptions` class
    • Added property `namespaces: string[]` — An array of namespaces to filter on
  • Simulated Player
    • Added property `isSprinting` — Used to get or set if the sprinting state of the simulated player is set to true

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Preview tests all the latest and upcoming features, fixes, and improvements for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, the quintessential way to experience Minecraft on every platform.

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