Mortal Kombat 1's first character pack may have just leaked

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What you need to know

  • Mortal Kombat 1 was recently announced as the next mainline entry in the long-running fighting game franchise. 
  • According to a listing on Amazon Italy, the first character pack for the game includes guest characters like Peacemaker and Homelander. 
  • Windows Central previously confirmed that these two characters were being planned as DLC for the game. 
  • Mortal Kombat 1 is slated to launch on Sep. 19, 2023.

The first wave of characters being added to NetherRealm Studios' next big fighting game may have just leaked. 

According to a listing for the Premium Edition of the game on Amazon Italy, the first Kombat Pack for Mortal Kombat 1 includes Quan Chi, Omni Man, Ermac, Peacemaker, Takeda, Homelander. Windows Central previously confirmed the presence of two of these characters, Peacemaker and Homelander, in our initial report about the yet-unrevealed game.

The treacherous Netherealm sorcerer Quan Chi was last playable in Mortal Kombat X, which released back in 2015. The young Takeda is a relative newcomer to the series, with his sole appearance so far being his debut in Mortal Kombat X. The ninja Ermac was also last playable in Mortal Kombat X, meaning there's a clear running theme for the returning characters in this first pack. 

The guest characters, meanwhile, bring in DC Comics' Peacemaker, recently seen in The Suicide Squad and the subsequent spinoff show. Homelander and Omni-Man are pulled in from The Boys and Invincible, respectively, with both comic series having adaptions that are currently available on Amazon Prime.

Mortal Kombat 1 is slated to arrive on Sep. 19, 2023 (September 14 for anyone grabbing the Premium or Kollector's Editions) and is launching on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch. 

Windows Central's take

While we can confirm the presence of Homelander and Peacemaker, it's probably best to take the rest of this list with a small grain of salt, as mistakes can happen. That said, the fact that two characters we previously knew about are in this list means it's almost certainly real.

On a personal note, I absolutely can't wait for this game, and I hope we learn more about the campaign and what's new for the competitive modes very soon.

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