One of Xbox's most underrated games is down to an unbelievable price

If you haven't had the pleasure to sit down and fall in love with the world of Marvel's Midnight Suns, now is the time. Midnight Suns scored in the low 80's on Metacritic but enjoyed a lot of great outlets giving it a 9 or higher. Some people might be turned off by the card system for combat, but really it doesn't hinder the experience at all but instead offers some RNG and forces you to use more strategy to use the cards you have to win the encounter. 

When you aren't fighting the evil forces in the world, you will be back at the abbey with your fellow Marvel superheroes. You play as "The Hunter" a new character in the Marvel comic universe, and you get to spend time with each of the popular heroes. Whether it's going swimming with Captain Marvel or going fishing with Iron Man, the game has something for everybody. 

Marvel's Midnight Suns Enhanced Edition | $39.99 now $10 at GameStop

Marvel's Midnight Suns Enhanced Edition | was $39.99 now $10 at GameStop

An amazing tactics crossover with a life-sim game with all of your favorite Marvel characters is just $10 at Gamestop. This game is a hidden gem at this point and every Firaxis or Marvel fan needs to pick it up.

You as a player are awakened after hundreds of years of sleeping. You are "The Hunter" the child of Lilith, the Mother of Demons. Lilith was revived by Hydra and you are the only one that can stop her, but of course not without a little help from your friends. Your friends include some amazing Marvel characters such as Blade, Storm, Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man. That's right, Spider-Man is on Xbox. In all seriousness though, these characters are beautifully written. They act in close parity to their comic book counterparts and offer a completely different and possibly better view of the Marvel universe than the cinematic universe does. 

The game isn't without a little fan service either. Not going to spoil anything, but Firaxis was pushing that Teen rating a little bit. The game loop is extremely satisfying. You have daily tasks you will want to complete back in the abbey, decisions that will upgrade and improve your character, or your deck of cards. 

If you are already a fan of Marvel's Midnight Suns or want to learn more about the game while it is being shipped to you, check out this amazing interview about the game with its creative director Jake Solomon on the Iron Lord's podcast. If you weren't a fan of Firaxis games before you will be after listening to this.

You also will want to spend time with your favorite heroes to create a better bond with them. It really is the Marvel anime we have all been waiting for. Once you have accomplished what you need to do for the day, go to sleep and start a new day. You can go do a combat mission once a day and these encounters are extremely satisfying.

The tactics-based combat is on another level. As my first Firaxis game on one of the first tactics games I really sunk my time into in a long time, Marvel's Midnight Suns might have spoiled me for other tactics games.

I don't want to give too much about the game away. I went into the game mostly blind about how it works and absolutely fell in love with it. Don't be scared away if you aren't normally a fan of turn-based tactics games. This one is special.

Colton Stradling

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