Pentiment gets a Limited Run physical disc release as it heads multiplatform, could this be the future for physical games on Xbox?

Image of Pentiment physical release by Limited Run
Pick up a copy of Pentiment on your platform of choice. (Image credit: Limited Run | Obsidian)

What you need to know

  • With four Xbox games going multiplatform, Pentiment also gets a physical release through Limited Run. 
  • Pre-orders go live today and will be open until March 24th.
  • Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer recently discussed physical media and going where the gamers are. Using Limited Run to print only the copies that fans pre-order could be a great way forward for Xbox. 

If you haven't seen our Pentiment review, it's a game you must try or give it another chance if you bounced off of it. I went into it with the mindset that I was playing a choose-your-own-adventure book, which made a huge difference. I absolutely loved my time with the game, and it has left a lasting impression on me. It is one of the shining examples, alongside Hi-Fi Rush and Grounded, of how Game Pass can bring unique experiences to the market. 

Pentiment on a Switch cartridge? Yes please. 

Pentiment is a great time and is one of my favorite Xbox games of the Game Pass era. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios | Twitter)

Limited Run Games tweeted that Pentiment will get a physical release for PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Smart Delivery for Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One. Pre-orders start today and run until March 24th. 

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If you want to grab a copy, you can place your pre-order on Limited Run Game's site once the pre-orders go live at 1 p.m. EST. 

I'm considering picking up the Switch version because I love the idea of having the complete game on a cartridge that (hopefully) doesn't have DRM or any online required shenanigans. 

Does Pentiment show a way forward for Xbox physical games?

If you're in a reading mood, Pentiment is well worth the investment.  (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Phil Spencer had an interview earlier in the week with Game File, where he discussed how they want to meet gamers where they are but will continue to support physical.

"We are supportive of physical media, but we don't have a need to drive that disproportionate to customer demand," Spencer says. "We ship games physically and digitally, and we're really just following what the customers are doing. And I think our job in running Xbox is to deliver on the things that a majority of the customers want. And right now, a majority of our customers are buying games digitally."

A great way to drive this initiative would be to utilize a service like Limited Run Games and just print as many pre-orders as can be filled.

Personally, I think it would be awesome for Xbox to release each of its new games on Limited Run for pre-orders for orders to be fulfilled after release. We don't need the games on day one because they will be in Game Pass anyway, and those who want a physical copy can get that. Even better yet, Xbox could give a discount on LRG for Game Pass subscribers so that you aren't paying full price for the physical game you can already play through your subscription. 

It will be interesting to see how many more Xbox games hit Limited Run Games in the future; so far, there hasn't been a big catalog of games on the site. 

Game Pass is still the best deal in gaming. 

Game Pass changes how I spend my gaming budget.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

Even though some of Xbox's games are going to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, they will still have to pay full price for those games. In Game Pass, we now have confirmation that every Xbox game will launch on day one in Game Pass.

If you haven't tried out Game Pass yet or need to add some time to your subscription to max out the 3-year limit, check out the best deals on Game Pass below. 

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