Razer's latest product will make you look like a Cyberpunk 2077 NPC

Model in Razersuperfuture matt black glasses on Cybperpunk 2077 background
(Image credit: Future/Razer)

What you need to know

  • Razer's newest product is a collaboration between the popular gaming peripheral brand and Retrosuperfuture, a contemporary eyewear brand.
  • The Razersuperfuture matte black glasses feature photochromic lenses that adapt to different light conditions to protect your eyes from natural, and unnatural light. 
  • The Razersuperfuture glasses launch on May 5 2023 and will retail for $239 USD / £239 GBP.

Wake up Chooms, a new Razer product just dropped, and it'll have you looking like you're straight out of Night City. These Razersuperfuture Matte Black Glasses are not actually a collaboration with CD Projekt Red, but that's the first thing I thought when they landed in my inbox. I only wish I was as cool as the models and could pull these off.

The Razersuperfuture Matte Black Glasses are not some cheap knock-offs from the black market though, these are a collaboration between Retrosuperfuture and Razer, two reputable names in fashion and tech. 

Razersuperfuture Matte Black Glasses

Such a cool cat (Image credit: Razer)

Looking just as futuristic as the Lenovo Glasses T1, these don't have any onboard tech, but do protect your eyes from screen brightness, and that pesky daylight when you have to actually go outside. The photochromic lenses are said to adjust to any light level, filtering out both UV rays and blue light.

Razersuperfuture Matte Black Glasses

"Alexa, play Sunglasses at Night" (Image credit: Razer)

Cyberpunk puns aside, I actually think these glasses look pretty damn smart. As a fan of quirky eyewear I can appreciate the design choice and the thick black acetate frames. This isn't Razer's first foray into the market of eyewear either, their first being the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses, which were Bluetooth compatible and had built-in speakers.

These Razer offerings are purely an aesthetic choice though, they don't actually have any digital features, a missed opportunity perhaps for some RGB lighting? But they do make you look like an NPC who would be found sitting at the bar in the Afterlife in Night City. Sunglasses at night never looked so good.

Razersuperfuture Matte Black Glasses

(Image credit: Razer)

The glasses are set to drop later today, and if you want to get your hands on these chunky matte black acetate frames it'll cost you $239 in the US and £239 in the UK.

Buy now direct from Razer

Razersuperfuture Matte Black Glasses

Upgrade your style and vision with the ultimate fusion of fashion and gaming. Play on your PC or touch grass, your eyes will be protected with these slick shades from Razer and Retrosuperfuture.

Buy now direct from Razer

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