The Division 2's most irritating bug is FINALLY getting a fix after I lost patience and reset

The Division 2 Puppeteers Manhunt with Prime Target The Recruiter
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What you need to know

  • Ubisoft has taken down The Division 2 for maintenance to fix a long-standing, incredibly irritating bug. 
  • There has been an issue for some time with Manhunt progression, relating to progress being affected if you completed parts of it in multiplayer. 
  • With a week to go before the current season ends, hopefully everyone who didn't already reset their progress and do it again (as I did) can take out the Prime Target and finish it off. 

I play a lot of The Division 2, but there's been one incredibly frustrating bug in the game that myself, and countless others, have come across that inhibits progression in the seasonal manhunt. 

It relates to completing sections of it in multiplayer, which can trigger any of the four earlier targets to register as not being rescued, even though they're present and correct in your Castle settlement. This in turn meant the Prime Target mission wouldn't unlock, leaving you unable to complete the Manhunt. Until now, the only way to get around it was to reset your Manhunt and do any affected sections again. 

But with a week before the season ends, a fix is finally being deployed, after disappointment that the recent TU 19.4 patch did nothing for it. 

At the time of writing, the maintenance has just been completed, so affected players will be able to jump back into the game and hopefully will be able to avoid resetting their Manhunt. As I've completed mine already (yes, I reset it and ran it again), I won't be able to see first hand, but I'll be looking out for signs that our long nightmare is finally at an end. 

Season 2 is set to finish one week from today, February 6, so you still have time to hunt down The Recruiter at Camp White Oak and complete this season's storyline. No spoilers, but the final mission is actually pretty good, and there are some interesting mechanics in the last boss fight. 

Season 3, Vanguard, is inbound 

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Season 3, Vanguard, begins very soon, though right now we still don't know much about it. There's a week left of the current Global Event, Golden Bullet, in Season 2, before Year 5's final season kicks into gear with a new Manhunt, and the first Project Resolve upgrades. 

The good news is that we should at least be able to play next season's Manhunt with friends without fear of our progression being blocked. I'll certainly take that one as a win. 

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