The Starfield bugs are everywhere and I'm loving it

Random objects flying in the sky in Starfield
Yep, everything looks totally fine to me. (Image credit:

What you need to know

  • Starfield is the latest space epic from Bethesda and Xbox.
  • It's currently in early access on Xbox and PC.
  • There are still lots of bugs, even if Xbox says anything to the contrary.

Starfield has now been in the hands of players for a few days. We rated it very highly in our review and even though Xbox claims this is the most bug free game that Bethesda has ever made, there sure are a lot of them floating around. 

From landscapes not loading in, to the ground flickering for no reason, NPC's sinking into the floor and even Vasco floating up through the ceiling. It has everything you could want from a Bethesda title! Of course, we had to show you some of these because they're pretty funny.

Speaking of our trusty companion Vasco, there seems to be quite a lot happening with it. Here it is just walking on air for no particular reason. Woodic just can't keep it under control!

Sarah is an important character that you meet early on as you visit New Atlantis for the first time. You'll meet her at the Lodge, and she's the leader of Constellation. Here she is doing her best slo-mo impression, courtesy of YouTube channel DarkSiv.

iTzSTU4RT on X encountered another floating glitch where the character Walter isn't bound by the mere constraints of a building or any kind of physics at all. Who needs a spaceship to explore the stars, right?

A video from another Twitter user called...Fuck_off_Matt had an amazing glitch where bodies wouldn't load correctly, sometimes leaving just the eyes and mouth along with some of the clothing. It's so freaky, but I love it. Weapons also wouldn't load in correctly, so combat just looks like random things happening.

There's more amazing bugs being shown by players every day, and this is only expected to ramp up with the general release. Fortunately, many of them can be fixed with a save and reboot of the game if they're hindering your progress, and to be perfectly honest I can't wait to see more. We'd love to see you share your Starfield bug experiences with us.



Starfield boasts one of the most impressive, interactive worlds galaxies we've seen in gaming, but that level of sandbox freedom may come at the cost of frames-per-second on console. That won't stop me from playing, though.

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