Throwing snowballs in Helldivers 2 will seriously damage your democracy spreading abilities, so play with the new Stratagems instead

Helldivers 2
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What you need to know

  • Helldivers 2 players enjoying throwing snowballs on snow covered planets have been warned they need to cut it out as it can crash the game. 
  • The developers have acknowledged the issue in the game's official Discord and hope to have it fixed in "the near future." 
  • In happier news, new Stratagems have been added to the game to help fight the Automatons in the latest Major Order. 

The latest Major Order in Helldivers 2 is taking the liberty and democracy spreading into Automaton territory, including locations covered in snow. As fun as it might be to make and throw snowballs, Helldivers are warned not to. 

Why spoil the fun? It can crash your game. 

The developers have acknowledged the issue in the official Helldivers 2 Discord, as highlighted in the Reddit post below. 

Avoid having snowball fights! from r/Helldivers

The good news is they know about it and will fix it, but "in the near future" isn't very specific. 

So keep your hands out of the snow until told otherwise. 

Two new stratagems added to the game

In happier news for fans of democracy, two new Stratagems have been added to the game that should help push out the Automaton scourge. Admittedly, I can't use either yet, because I'm still a cadet. 

The Quasar Cannon is available at level 18 and costs 7,500 requisition to add to your arsenal. It fires a powerful energy burst, with the trade-off of a fairly long cooldown time. 

The MG-101 Heavy Machine Gun is available at level 12 for 6,000 requisition. It's powerful, but you'll have to have steady hands to control its potent recoil. 

Both of these (assuming you have the requirements to get them) will be handy to add to your loadouts to hit the frontline in the latest major order. At the time of writing, we've got a couple of days left to liberate Troost, and the dispatch in-game telling us of the new Stratagems specifically name-drops the Automatons. Time to tool up and liberate, but don't throw any snowballs while you're out there. 

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