The best Meta Quest 2 deal we've seen is still available for $50 off with 2 free games

Oculus Quest 2 VR headset
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Whether you call it the Meta Quest 2 or you're still stuck calling it Oculus Quest 2 (old habits!), you can save on the popular VR headset today with a great holiday bundle. At Best Buy, the 128GB Meta Quest 2 has dropped to $349.99 and includes two free games, Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4, with the purchase. It normally sells for $400, so you're saving $50 off the price in addition to the value of the games themselves.

If you want to upgrade to the 256GB version, you can also get it on sale for $429.99 from its regular price of $500. That bundle includes the same free games. Either way, this is one of the best deals the Meta Quest 2 has ever offered. It popped up on Amazon over the Black Friday weekend, but it sold out there. If Best Buy's offer also sells out, you can find the bundle through the Meta store (just in case!). 

Meta Quest 2 128GB bundle $400 $349.99 + 2 games

Meta Quest 2 128GB bundle $400 $349.99 + 2 games

Not only do you save $50 off the price of the VR headset, but you also get Beat Saber AND Resident Evil 4 for free. Two games that will really introduce you to the fun of VR. 

Meta Quest 2 256GB bundle $500 $429.99 + 2 games

Meta Quest 2 256GB bundle $500 $429.99 + 2 games

This is the exact same bundle just with twice the storage. You still get the VR headset and the two free games. You just get the 256GB version for $80 more (instead of the usual $100 more). 

The partnership between Microsoft and Meta is only getting stronger. We already know with your new headset, you'll eventually be able to access Xbox Cloud Gaming. Get ready to pair your VR headset with your favorite Xbox controller and stream your favorite games.

Some of the other features Microsoft and Meta are working on include bringing Microsoft 365's suite of apps to the Meta Quest Store along with Mesh and Windows 365 Cloud PC. 

Of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg for all you can do with the Meta Quest 2. The VR headset has the ability to work as a standalone system or connect to your PC, giving it flexibility and power. Plus, when connected to your PC you gain access to SteamVR, which means even more games and apps for you to use. 

Don't forget that it's about a lot more than games. Access live concerts, run exercise programs, and even check out exclusive events available to you just because you have the Quest 2. 

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