Xbox Cloud Gaming is being added to the Meta Quest Store

Xbox Cloud Gaming on Meta VR
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What you need to know

  • During the latest Meta Connect, the company shared a new partnership with Microsoft, bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to the Meta Quest Store. 
  • There's no release date for this support yet. 
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming is currently in beta testing, and is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Microsoft is teaming up with Meta to provide yet another way to access Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

During the latest Meta Connect, Meta shared that the company is working with Microsoft to introduce Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Meta Quest Store, adding support for the Meta Quest 2 in the future. Players will be able to connect their Xbox controllers to their headset and stream games on a 2D screen while using the headset. There's no release date or even a release window for when this support is coming, but Meta notes that there will be "more on this as soon as possible."

Xbox Cloud Gaming is currently in beta testing, and is bundled in as one of the components of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the highest tier for Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass gaming subscription service. Subscribers can stream games across phones, tablets, computers, Xbox consoles, certain Samsung TVs, and in the future, Meta Quest 2 headsets. 

Outside of this partnership, Meta is continuing to expand its internal game development efforts, announcing a new port of Iron Man VR for Meta Quest 2, while also announcing the acquisition of Armature, Camouflaj, and Twisted Pixel, all game development studios with virtual reality experience. Armature previously worked on the Resident Evil 4 port for Quest 2, while Camouflaj originally developed Iron Man VR as a PSVR exclusive game.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you'll have access to the ongoing beta for Xbox Cloud Gaming. This means streaming games in Xbox Game Pass across your phone, tablet, computer, Xbox console, and soon enough, a Meta VR headset.

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