Cities: Skylines allows more walkable streets in Plazas and Promenades DLC

Cities: Skylines Plazas & Promenades DLC
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What you need to know

  • City-building simulation Cities: Skylines is receiving a Plazas & Promenades expansion that focuses on more pedestrian-friendly streets for cities.
  • The DLC offers pedestrian-only streets, three zone policies that affect citizens' lives, three new district specializations, and city service buildings.
  • The expansion will cost $15 and the bundle, containing two Content Creator packs and two radio stations, will be available soon for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox simultaneously.

Paradox Interactive announced a new expansion for its city-building management sim Cities: Skylines called Plazas & Promenades. It will be "coming soon" to the Xbox One version alongside PC, Epic Games Store, and PlayStation 4.

The new Cities: Skylines DLC trades roads for sidewalks and allows players to create more walkable cities with a number of new features. Pedestrian-only streets can now be placed to build greener, vehicle-free cities.

Three pedestrian zone policies can also be enacted, such as limiting non-highway roads to 20 mph, a sugar ban that increases citizen's lifespan but decreases happiness, and allowing street music to increase both happiness and noise pollution.

More citizen happiness can be achieved with new city service buildings to connect to pedestrian zones, and there are three new district specializations: offices, high-density residential areas, and high-density commercial zones. Each specialization all buildings within a zone and features a unique style and gameplay effects.

The Plazas & Promenades will cost $15, but also comes in a bundle with the Mid-Century Modern and Seaside Resorts Content Creator packs alongside two radio stations: Paradise Radio and Shoreline Radio. The packs and radio stations will release at the same time as the DLC with the Plazas and Promenades Bundle available at a 15% discount.


Cities: Skylines - Xbox One Edition

The Xbox One version of the management sim has been going strong since it released in 2017, and is still receiving expansions five years later.

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