Halo Infinite is getting FPS counters on Xbox and a bunch of bug fixes

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Update, May 10: This patch is now available. It's roughly 5GB on all platforms. For players on Xbox, you can manually enable the new FPS counter by going to Settings, then to Gameplay.

What you need to know

  • 343 Industries shared a preview of what's coming in the next update for Halo Infinite. 
  • The Disruptor is being tuned so it's a bit easier to use, while several bugs across different modes of the game are being fixed. 
  • The Xbox versions of the game are getting an FPS counter, which is intended primarily to help Forge users make higher-quality maps. 

The next update for Halo Infinite is on the way, and there's a few key things for players to note. 

343 Industries shared a preview of the Halo Infinite update on Friday, detailing several bug fixes and balance changes that will be taking effect once the update is applied on May 10, 2023. Notably, the Disruptor is getting a rework so that it's simpler to use, losing damage over time but gaining increased rate of fire and supercombine damage. 

Spike grenades are also being tweaked to encourage more careful usage, with the developers increasing the number of spikes shot out, but reducing the area-of-effect damage. 

Ranked King of the Hill players can look forward to the Hill spawning in much faster, in order to improve the flow of a game's start and make players more thoughtful early on.

In addition to a few different stability improvements and Forge-specific bug fixes that should make any kind of crashes less frequent, players on Xbox consoles will be getting FPS counters. This counter is primarily intended for Forge users, allowing them to closely monitor the performance of a map as they build it in order to ensure that it remains a smooth experience.

Windows Central's take

Overall this seems like a solid update. Bug fixes are always appreciate, and an FPS counter should be included as standard on any first-person shooter, so that's a great addition. Outside of this patch, I'm also hopeful the next season launches on time, bringing much-needed improvement to the speed at which this game is getting new maps and modes.


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