No Man's Sky introduces roguelike gameplay with the Leviathan Expedition

No Man's Sky Leviathan hero
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What you need to know

  • No Man's Sky has received numerous updates since it first launched, adding different story content and gameplay features over the years.
  • The next limited-time Expedition event for No Man's Sky is called Leviathan. 
  • Leviathan is introducing new roguelike gameplay for a special story, with players starting the loop over whenever they die. 

Hello Games just can't stop bringing new features and stories to space exploration game No Man's Sky, and the next update is adding something entirely new for players to enjoy. 

Hello Games announced the Leviathan Expedition on Wednesday, sharing that this update will bring roguelike gameplay to No Man's Sky for the first time. The Expedition has begun, and over the course of the next six weeks, players will be stuck inside a time loop, resetting every time they die.

You can check out the trailer for the expedition below:

The more that players progress, they'll unlock Memory Fragments, which are made more powerful by the collective research of all players, meaning that solving the loop is something of a community problem to tackle. The game's difficulty is being tuned to Survival for the duration of this Expedition, so every edge that players can get will be critical. 

The more powerful a Memory Fragment is, the more effective it'll be for players, allowing them to unlock more storage space, improved upgrades, and better space ships. 

No Man's Sky is currently available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, with cross-play across all platforms. It's currently available in Xbox Game Pass, and a Nintendo Switch version is currently slated to launch sometime later in the second half of 2022. 


No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky has changed radically in the years since launch, with numerous upgrades across the game, giving players more to do, more to build, more explore, and even stories to follow.

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