Garmin-Asus delays joining the Windows Phone 7 lineup

Garmin-Asus has ventured into the Windows Phone market before with the M20 but it really never got off the ground. Some had hopes that chances for success would improve when Garmin was introduced as a Windows Phone 7 launch partner earlier this year by Microsoft.  It now it appears Garmin will be late to the party.

Digitimes is reporting that Garmin-Asus will not launch a Windows Phone 7 device this year but instead is targeting the first quarter of 2011 to join the Windows Phone 7 lineup. Instead, the company is focusing on a few new Android based smartphones they plan to release by the end of this year.

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  • Garmin, come back to me when you've got your best hardware running Windows Phone 7.
  • I'm wondering, a few OEMs, like Dell and probably Asus etc don't seem to be doing a WP7 device till "first quarter 2011". This leads me to believe that maybe they're holding off for a future update to WP7 which could come in that time frame and then release phones. Maybe i'm just reading too much into it but I expect a good size update to hit between Jan and March of 2011.
  • @GP007 I think you are close. Instead of waiting on an update, I think maybe they are taking a wait and see approach. Let others commit to inventory before they spend money on having devices manufactured. Dave