Garmin M20 Sighted at 2009 CTIA

With all the excitement about the HTC Snap and Samsung Propel, there are a few more devices making an appearance at the 2009 CTIA. One such phone is the Garmin M20 Nuvifone. It first surfaced at the 2009 Mobile World Congress and made a positive first impression. It is still on track for a late summer release and it will be fun to take this new Windows Mobile phone out for a test drive. was able to get a little hands on time with the M20 during the 2009 CTIA and appears to be equally impressed. The M20 is a GPS enabled Windows Mobile phone that sports a 2.8" VGA touchscreen along with features not uncommon to your average Windows Mobile phone (wifi, bluetooth, 3.0mp camera, etc.). What makes the M20 "not your average Windows Mobile phone" is the GPS. As I understand it, the M20's GPS is a true GPS unit, not aGPS, which means the GPS functionality is not dependent on the cell phone signal. So, if your out hiking and loose your signal, have no fear the M20 will still get you back to civilization.

Follow the break for a hands on video of the Garmin M20.

Phil Nickinson

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