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Gay social network SCRUFF now available for Windows Phone 8

A little over a month ago we told you guys about SCRUFF, a gay social network that was currently looking for beta testers for their first Windows Phone app. Looks like it popped into the Store yesterday, the free app is now available for download.

If you grab SCRUFF for your Windows Phone, these are some features you can expect to find and play around with:

  • Post your picture and profile details
  • Browse profiles of guys near you
  • Search for profiles near any global location
  • Rate guys you'd like to meet (We'll tell you if they'd like to meet you too!)
  • Woof at other SCRUFFers who catch your eye
  • Track who has Woofed and Viewed you
  • Add guys to your Friends list
  • Exchange text and picture messages
  • Receive push notification of new Woofs and messages
  • Check-in to your favorite place (and see who else is there!)

Scruff SC

I’m not sure how SCRUFF stacks up against the other social networks in the gay community, but from the comments in the last post it seemed like it would be a welcomed addition to the Store. Let us and others know in the comments what you think of the app.

Looks like the app is currently only for Windows Phone 8. Which you can download here in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

QR: Logo Scruff

Thanks for the tip James!

P.S. Play nice in the comments. We welcome all fans and users of Windows Phone.

  • :S
  • ....
  • Might not be ur cuppa tea, but welcome to WP guys .. eh gays (and I say that with the best intentions and the utmost respect to fellow human beings..) We can use some party people here.. :D
    Oh and don't mind the narrow minded that will try and put this down.. Some just do not know better, or how to behave..
  • +1 man, lol at the party people though.
  • Yeah we have always been around either out or closeted but we've been everywhere and we're here too ^_+ Dude are right about narrow mindedness but I'm ME. So, i don't care much... ^_~
  • Agree. Well done Lads.
  • Well said :D
  • Why is this post here?!?  Do you realize kids read this blog??  Clearly, an reasonable and prudent person understands kids reads this blog; so then why is the site encouraging pediphilia?!?  Is the gay community creating apps like this to troll for kids?  Good grief folks, use some sence.
    This is just sick and irresponsible.
  • Being gay (or lesbian) doesn't make you a pedophile. The truth of the matter is that pedophilia is a psychosexual disorder and more properly is termed a Paraphilia. It is NOT a sexual orientation, but a sexual disorder. Please, if you're serious - educate yourself. :) 
  • Are you that ignorant? Being gay and being a pedophile are so different I dont know whether you were hit in the head or just refuse to let your brain function for you.
    And so what if kids read these posts? Its 2013! Not the 1800's dude. "Good grief guy, use some sence."
  • At no point did I say gays are bad people or gays are pedophiles.  I only question the wisdom of having this app or any other app encouraging hook-ups.  Instead of an intelligent response, I'm met with the typical bullies who question my intelligence.  My reference to pedophilia is because there are predators out there whether you want to admit it or not and some of them troll comments looking for their next mark.  Isn't the bartender responsible to a point for someone leaving the bar drunk and getting in a wreck?  Why enable it?  What's homophobic about wanting to protect children?
    Fire away with your inane retorts but at least try to answer the concern instead of hurling insults.  It's harder because it requires a base of knowledge vs. emotion.
  • "Is the gay community creating apps like this to troll for kids?"
    Looks to me like that's exactly what you said, and you deserve to be called on it.
    If your 'concern' was based in any way on reality rather than the homophobic myth that gay people are pedophiles, it could be addressed.
    If you don't want to appear homophobic, don't post homophobic comments.
    Homophobic advice there.
  • I can see your concern. However, in my opinion, I don't think this blog should be accountable. Kids read contents which are not appropriate for them all the time on the internet. It is their parents' responsibilities to control what their kids can view. Moreover, this is not "encouraging hook-ups" app. The main purpose of this app is allow the gays to communicate and connect with each other because unlike our straight brothers and sisters, we get discriminated. The fact that people use these dating app to hook up is not a gay issue, it is a societal issue so don't give us all the credits. 
    This app doesn't not encourage pedophilia. It's pedophiles who take advanatage of these type of apps. Again, it is the parents' responsibilities to take care of their kids, and teach them how to care care of themselves. And don't give them smartphones if they are not mature enough to use...
  • Hahahahaha.....intelligent posts! From people who see creepy people when they look outside (or in their mirror).
  • Looks like a nice app, but I prefer ( o Y o )
  • Lol
  • I like the V
  • You prefer owls? You, my friend, are a strange, strange individual.
  • Cool. I have a boyfriend already so I'm not in the target market for this app. But this is fantastic news, as the lack of an app like this makes windows phone a no sell for some of my friends.
  • Dude, Same here already in relationship... *♡* But it maybe still of use to get some timepass friends.. ^_+
  • Lucky guys.. i still single lol so its great for me :)
  • Can you just socialize when you are single?its not like Facebook would be just used by singles
  • It's an app that's all inclusive, really. Whether you're single or in a relationship, looking for a boyfriend or just looking for friends and chat, it's not just strictly for dating. It's the same with any other social network site or app. It is what you make of it.
  • I also already have a bf but I will stilll give it a try. I like chatting with others :P and well I wanna see how this app does in WP
  • :|
  • This app seems to have it all. Is there an equivalent app for heteros?
  • Meetic?
  • I'm hoping OK Cupid or similiar hop on board soon. It would make a nice addition to the platform and help attrack those young twenty somethings. 
  • I'm not gay but OK Cupid is awesome!! It's a dating community for everyone and its free.. Actually, I found my girlfriend on OK Cupid and she is the most wonderful person I've ever met. It's like one if those fairytale success stories!! I do hope OKC comes to WP for others that are trying to find someone special.
  • Actually, I found my girlfriend on OK Cupid and she is the most wonderful person I've ever met. Hey! Same here!
  • I tweet @okcupid about it and post in their forums. I hope more people do so. They got bought by Match, so they know people that can code for the platform.
  • There is a app, though the reviews aren't good.
  • Yeah like we've have 'Grindr' on iOS & Android there was this same kinda app 'Blendr'(pls cross check as i didn't care to know much about it) its too from the same brand as 'Grindr'.
  • Is there a lesbian app?
  • I've heard of one in that was in development, but part of the problem had been keeping straight men from making fake profiles for it.
  • WNM and tagged are for anyone
  • The Home Depot app was just updated...
  • what ??
  • A dating social network for gay people. You know, like hetro ones, Christian, Jewish, and so on. What's not to understand?
  • Great news, with Scruff and Bender on board and this kind of apps are well covered. The most famous is Grindr but at the end everyone is in everything
  • Is there really a gay social app called 'Bender'?
  • Yes...don't know why the name...maybe is for the Futurama robot lol XD
  • 'Bent' is old slang for 'gay'.
  • I guess one for gays is 'Bender'(never liked it) & 'Blendr' for lesbians.
  • "but at the end everyone is in everything"
    I'm all for these apps but this is too much information.
  • if you go to the website you can ad your interest on a WP App, i did it already even i am not a big fan of Grindr
  • How so?
    You can in fact see a lot of the same faces on scruff as on growlr (and for that matter on bear411, whose mobile site is just as horrible on WP as it is on every other platform; no app for it). The bear and chaser community is suprisingly small. I have no idea about grindr.
  • I laughed
  • Yeah even I'm awaiting 'Grindr'... As its UI is best of all such apps...
  • if you go to the website you can ad your interest on a WP App, i did it already even i am not a big fan of Grindr
  • Lol even i sent my vote from 3 fake ids to get Grindr asap but I'm already in relationship *♡*
  • I'm all for bringing Grindr to WP, but I respectfully disagree about it having the best UI of all of the apps. And the majority of people on there in my city are sleazy. So I actually like Scruff much better. Just can't wait for them to bring it up to par feature-wise with their iOS and Android counterparts.
  • And hopefully it will have better performance than the iOS and Android versions.  Even on the newest hardware it's laggy and seriously hard on your battery.
  • If only I was gay, cause that is one sexy looking app.. anyway, good to have networking addition to the store!
  • WP is becoming mainstream now .. :3
  • Don't tell me you really believe WP is mainstream cause it now has one gay official app in the market?!
  • Make that at least 3
  • Yeah, there's more than one fool!! Lol!
  • There is?! I haven't really looked but then again I figured being Canadian AND on WP there'd probably be not much out there.
  • Dear they wanna sell more n more phones n get their pockets full either from homosexuals or from homophobes understand the marketing here.. ;) And tons of thanks that I'll cherish this app... For me till now WP8 was hollow..
  • True,  Homophobes are a dying market, literally.  The people who actually buy smartphones are generally not going to have an issue with the existence of gay people.
  • Not really mainstream yet.  It's just coming out of the closet.
  • Cool, but still prefer Grindr anyway - also they could make it for 7.X either :(
    allways when I see there's a new app for windows phone I try to get no excitement for it won't be available for my Lumia 800 :(
  • same here :( hope they will release 7.8 version
  • if you go to the website you can ad your interest on a WP App, i did it already even i am not a big fan of Grindr
  • I've done that. Like AGES ago. Hope they can hear us, or better, they care of what they hear :)
  • Strange; I've got the beta and I didn't get any kind of notification about this. This version isn't too far ahead of the beta version (1.026 to 1.028) and actually still has the work-in-progress notice. Still has ads even if you have a Pro subscription; you'd think they'd've fixed that.
    Oh, well; it's still better than nothing. Growlr would be nice, though. 
  • I got an email from them today alerting me.
  • if you go to the website you can ad your interest on a WP App, i did it already even i am not a big fan of Grindr
  • The app is not an update to the beta version. You have to go to the Store and download it.
  • I've actually met a few guys at gay bars with windows phones :) we are "out" there :p
  • Lol nice!
  • Lol man nice one Hi5!! ^_*
  • We are!!! And I follow you on twitter (@jeansibelius)
  • I just came back from a large bear run, and I met 4 other guys with Lumias....but they were all Canadian.  >___>. And this was in Texas!
  • Great! WP is a minority in the mobile space, and WP-wielding gays are even more minority-y-ish ... So yeah... this is great news!! Grindr was supposed to make an WP app, but nothing has materialized yet on that front.
  • I'll just say "Bravo!" and see who gets the joke.
    I dint need a JDate App either but the mote the merrier. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Windows Phone!
    (now searching back thru WPCentral for all the Apps Daniel said were "Fabulous!)
  • Nice to see that WP is expanding. The app images look quite polished. I wonder if we'll see an equivalent app for females.
  • Well, something is better than nothing. As long as they're official ones. Lolzz! Now if we could get Wells Fargo... I know, its annoying of me.
  • .
  • Its a great feel to see friendly & warm welcoming straight ppl towards homosexuality more than homophobes exist... :P
  • Yep! People are people.. Its these CEOs and politicians we hate. Its funny because they really screw up peoples lives and nobody ever pulls scriptures from the Bible saying what they are doing is wrong...
  • If this app is not your cup of tea, why waste time opening this article and commenting?
  • Where is the straight male social network?
  • That would be funny. A network of a whole bunch of straight guys with no women.
  • Lol...i want equality damnit!! Tired of being ostracized for being a anglo, hetero-sexual male
  • if you go to the website you can ad your interest on a WP App, i did it already even i am not a big fan of Grindr
  • can't stop laughing ))))
  • It's called "Bars"..."Discos"..."Beaches"..."Trains"..."Malls"...comme on bro, we don't really need an App to find a girl. Gays are part of a minority group, it's normal they develop this kind of Apps to get connected with each other.
    We heterosexuals have an easier life in this aspect. But I do get your point.
  • Dude then i guess since you don't need such apps better leave Facebook, Twitter n WPCentral & head over to a bar and we've had those too but these apps are for tech savy gay guys :P
  • Funny...I wasn't aware Facebook, Twitter and WPCentral's objective was to find dates/mates.
    The more you know...
  • Lol hilarious.
  • WNM is filled with breeders
  • At first I thought of your comment as being rude, but now that I think about it its kind of funny as long as its not mocking anyone. Lol! If you think about it isn't WPC a heterosexual male community for the most part?? Lol.. Yeah, I think we're covered for now.. Lol!!!!
  • This sounds like the question about why isn't there a WET (White Entertainment Television) when there is a BET (Black Entertainment Television).
  • Lol. Its cause W.E.T. is basically all the other networks.
  • I'm down for WET!!.
  • I prefer Eros. :-D
  • Hey i am happy for my LGBT brothers and sisters.
  • +1
  • I assume and ok cupid require a paid subscription. Scruff if free, right?
  • Match = paid
    OKC = free, but no WP app
  • Scruff is free, but they do have a Pro subscription that adds more features (unlimited block lists, ad free browsing, etc.), although these features are not yet available on Windows Phone as they are on iOS and Android.
  • I couldn't find you on there, Sam.
  • Sorry, I'm straight. But happy to highlight an app you guys might like. 
  • Coulda fooled me.
    I'm just kidding. About everything. I'm straight as well. :P
  • Is it my scruff? lol
  • That must be it. heh
  • Can you find girls on the Box app?
  • I'm sure many gay men would gladly send you a "Woof!" if you did bat for the other team, Sam ;-)
  • Why do they need separate social network app? Good lord! But anyways, welcome to WP
  • Lol... Smh!
  • Because gay guys love to hookup? (Seriously, that is why gay social apps are so popular.) Geolocation based social wouldn't really work heterosexuals since you can't hook up without any women. They tried the experiment with Blendr and it failed.
  • ElliotWP said it pretty well down below
    Basically, homophobia is still out there, so it's not easy for many gay guys to openly let others know they're gay, let alone ask other guys if they're also gay. Keeping such a secret breeds the need to find kindred spirits to try to share other interests with. It's not all about hooking up (yeah, it happens, but that's because a lot of guys (whether gay or straight) are just horndogs).
  • I'm surprised it's not Nokia exclusive.
  • Hahahahah lmbo, yeah me too
  • Lmao, (fabulous voice) they get allllll the exclusives!
  • Lmao
  • Lol..
  • Maybe this app will get my brother to switch to WP.
  • Wow finally, i got SCRUFF after PR BROWSER & GUYSPY... Now awaiting best of all "Grindr".. Else i was literally about to throw my Lumia 820 n get a iPhone 4 (out of funds)... ♡.♡
  • As i read The headline of this article the tea I was sipping went the wrong way uhhff
  • Lmao sorry i pictured that in my head was funny XD
  • not available for 7.8 devices :'(
  • good news - they have a pretty big user base (around 3rd from Grindr and Jack'd). I don't think WP has any of the popular gay chat apps so this would be the first
  • Okay
  • I just got onto the app and it looks like everyone that I would see on grindr on my iPod touch is on scruff lol. I'm glad to see it on wp8
  • Straight male logic: on an app directed towards gay males almost half if not more of the comments are from straight males. Lol
  • Exactly hahah.
  • Human logic:
    Comment on what ever you want to comment on. (ie - phones you may not like, games that aren't your cup of tea, apps that aren't for you, etc)
  • Lol there is a difference in commenting on an app you don't like based on use and commenting on apps you dislike because it is gay related which some of these people are doing. Good try though.
  • Regardless of what someone feels about an app (positive or negative)(and whether you agree with their reasoning or not) isn't it ok to share an opinion? I'll answer. Unless you are in communist China, yes.. It is ok. ;)
  • Loving the social commentary after this post. But hats off to everyone for being adults.
  • Thanks for posting this guys!
  • I expected a bunch of trolls and flamethrowers in here. Another reason I love Windows Phone, the community. Glad to see this app come out even though I'm straight as an arrow lol
  • But arrows do bend in flight when you shoot em :)
  • LMAO
  • There has been. The mod is on top of it. Been some nasty things posted like gay people should be shipped off to their own island. I hope the mod blocks him @corn13read said some awful things.
  • Oh, he's very banned. We don't need scum like that here.
  • i welcome all apps, the more the merrier.
  • Hope it's better than that other app in the store that requires $ and doesn't even have that many guys.
  • Woof Woof!!!
  • People not agreeing about apps. LOL. I think most homophobes are gays in denial. Why so much fear? Gay guys are not on the lookout to rape all the men around them or anything. Grow up!
  • Kinda off topic, sorta, but if MS can make a kids only area in the OS, why can't they make an adults only area as well and allow adults to have adult apps available, and apps such as this ( for anyone of any sexual persuasion ), apps of a sexual nature, the things a parent might not what their kid exposed to, could be in that area of the store and only accessible if the user is in ADULT mode on the phone and looking for adult apps, which most social networking apps would probably be. Just wondering...
  • Something like a "Porn" Corner?
  • Lmao man
  • Well, I'm sure it would become that rather quickly, but it could be broken down into categories like pictures, videos, social networking, blahblahblah, and if the app producer, say Facebook for instance, wanted to be listed in both the general and the adult store, great, but putting Facebook or any other potentially adult app in the kids store would be a no no. It would give MS greater control over what apps show up where and who can access them.
  • Just download whatever you like on your phone and don't give it to your kids. Problem solved :)
  • Kids and life aren't that simple. In many ways your child is smarter than you about tech...but they're not more mature, we hope.
  • I absolutely agree kids are smarter about technology these days. But that doesn't mean you can't prevent a child from using something if you don't want them to. I'm not a parent yet. But I will be soon. If I don't want my child touching my phone, they won't touch my phone and I won't put my phone in a position to be touched.
  • Exactly. If YOUR child sees something on YOUR phone that you didn't want them to... Its YOUR fault. Its ok to say no people. They'll be ok.
  • I never had a problem saying no. Still don't, though the overly sensitive cry when I say no I don't have to accept what you're telling me I have to accept. So I like finding acceptable alternatives when possible.
  • Kids corner doesn't allow access to the store...
  • Really? That's interesting. My kids are adults so I have no need for it myself. Another change to the store to consider. Let the kids shop for kids apps but purchasing has to be done by the adult, and let adults have whatever they want...what's wrong with a little free market liberty?
  • An adult section would be great. This, however, doesn't imply adult anymore than okcupid.
  • :) yay!
  • Another wp8 only app...looks like a growing trend. A real reason for me to upgrade I guess, if more and more apps are going to need WP8, especially games. And, yay for scruff!
  • Lots of 'roid rage douchebags in the WP world, I see. I can imagine them with their jacked-up pickup trucks, sideways hats, and Oakley sunglasses, typing away madly about how much they hate gays. Pathetic.
  • They support us whether they like it or not, see my later comment :)
  • I'm not sure how labeling everyone is much better.
  • Happy to see apps like Scruff available to WP users. Being that WP is my first experience of a smartphone, I've only heard about them before from mates with Android and iPhones. Finally, I get to check the buzz for myself!
    I'd like to take a moment to remind those that are not welcoming of the gay community that by the mere act of using a Windows Phone, Android, or an Apple product you are funding the beliefe that all citizens are equal, including LGBT identifying people. Double points if you use a Nokia Windows Phone. Those 4 companies (Msft, Appl, Goog, Nok) have publicly stated that they strongly support LGBT rights and have even funded organizations that seek to make all citizens (at least in the US) equal.
    It upsets me to see such rude behavior from some fellow WP fans. As the saying goes, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."
  • +10000000000000000000000
  • I don't know why every homophobic that are populating this news doesn't keep out of this discussion.
    Anyway I'm gay and I'm really happy for this great app! We are waiting for GRINDR also!! :'(
  • Woof woof!
  • Fantastic! Welcome to WP8, guys! Moree options for everybody.
  • Lol well, please do go elsewhere if it bothers you so much. Haters aren't welcome here. How about be an adult, have some respect for people and maybe a bit of respect for yourself. If u can't respect others, you clearly don't respect yourself. Just sayin :)
  • I thought the comment section is for peoples opinions o.o
  • It's not a place for hateful or prejudiced opinions. Absolutely not.
  • The comment cybermoose made wasn't really hatefull and he didn't attack anyone, he also could have meant date apps in general.
  • His was far from the worst comment, but the implication was clear enough. If someone just disapproves of dating apps in general (which is kind of a dumb viewpoint IMO), it would be important to explicitly state that in the comment in order to avoid the appearance of prejudice.
  • It sure is, Constructive opinions that is! Not abusive, hateful and down right rudeness. Like sirgrant618 said just a few comments previous, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. :)
  • Its worth a look at, but the "must have" gay mobile network is Grindr.
  • Meh...growlr is 10x better than scruff.
  • Pocket full of hawthornes
  • In for the bromance...the app looks quite good actually
  • Awesome!! Thanks for passing this on, Sam.
  • Funny though in a-way, most of the normal posters people who post on just about every article posted in WPC are suddenly missing from this article?....Humm.. Anyway yet another good app for WP8 the more the merrier..keep the good apps coming.And welcome to the WP community
  • I noticed in past articles dealing with this app in particular or anything related to gays the "regulars" you are referring to came out and made it quite clear they were...less than approving of the existence of homosexuals. It's sad that our most devoted members are borderline homophobes, but that's just the way it is I suppose. At least they aren't bringing their negativity here.
  • I was worried to read the comments on here but I am pleasantly surprised...very cool!
  • Last time when it was announced the comments were ridiculous im happy to see that most people are being respectful this time
  • We've had to do a little cleaning and ban a couple of people, unfortunately. But I guess it could be worse.
  • Trolling or not, honestly, that's their own opinion. Doesn't mean you've to ban them. Just let go.
  • We only banned people who couldn't handle warnings and continued to be hateful. Opinions that are harmful to others aren't welcome here.
  • Thank you Paul.
  • That's too bad.  I was relatively proud of the community there for a few minutes.  Oh well.  My brother will certainly be downloading this app, haha!
  • I love all the military guys in the screen shots of the app!!
  • This looks way better than the Android version.
  • i'm gay and am thrilled this app is now available for windows phone, many gay guys don't pick windows phone for this reason. having this app available will make windows phone more attractive to use for the gay community. unfortunately my souped up htc titan 7.8 custom rom is becoming more and more obsolete
    and im into P
    not V hahahaha
  • Mod note: Please be respectful of other people's cultures. Not every app is for YOU, or ME, or anyone.
  • i agree with what your saying, i m not banging about my sexuality but am happy that this app is now available for windows phone, becuase i am gay i don't hang out in "straight" circles often so my life has mostly other gays in it as well blah blah blah anyway
  • I was hoping those apps wouldn't come to WP. I'm gay but stuff like this is trashy.
  • Can anyone expand on this? Is it a social app? Dating app? Something more? Just a serious question from a straight guy who doesn't use social media, but hangs on old skool forums for hobbies.
  • I think its basically like a hookup app.
  • It's sort of both, people use them for different things, if you are a gay person it is hard to pick out other gay people in day to day life (really, most people you can't tell), apps like these show you how many gay people are in the vicinity and some info about them, and the ability to message. You can do with that info what you will, some people arrange dates, casual or otherwise, some people are looking for friends, some people just like to know there are others around.
    There are definitely some creeps on these apps, but that's true of any social network. I agree that some of the apps can be pretty trashy, but I think they are a good thing in the end because it gets us out of bars and dance clubs and lets us make connections in day to day life just like straight people.
    Apps like these have been attempted for straight people, but they have never come close to catching on, for one, they are largely unnecessary because straight people can assume that 97% of the people they meet are also straight, and two, females tend to be uncomfortable with these apps, I imagine they get a lot of the same crap they get on dating sites, only way worse, and the location info just makes it even more creepy. Usually the app is just full of other straight dudes, kinda boring.
  • Well, you make a profile with your information and some pictures. Turn on your GPS and you'll get to see guys who are close to you, and you can check them out by clicking their profiles. If you like any of them you can chat with them and maybe hook-up or just talk. It has been called 'GPS for cock'... so that may explain it :)
  • Good explanations. Thanks. Lol at GPS fir caulk.
  • Chinese people prefer Jackd anyway...
  • So what are gay guys on 7.8 to do?? Is this not for us then?.... Don't we have enough discrimination already?
  • Gay guys need to upgrade their gadgets too
  • Well, Bender is the only option for now :)
  • Yeah thanks for the tip James, ya homo. Lol. Love this. I want grindr tho
  • I wish this article was posted before I installed this app. Straight male with secksy scruff, thought I was just sharing tight beard pics with my bros :(
  • Hahaha this is awesome. Little surprised when the adult pictures started coming in?
  • Woof!
  • Nice comments everyone, great community.
    And thanks Sam for the post!
  • Good to know that there's an app for this, really wasn't sure if there was or not going to have to let a friend know about it and maybe give them my radar to let them met some new guys
  • Those gays are always discriminating against us. What did we ever do to them? :)
  • Look everyone has a right to live a life. Be that straight or gay. I'm just happy to see good quality apps coming into the ecosystem. And people actually enjoying this OS.
  • Not WP7? Again. I'm starting to feel more and more like the unloved stepchild.
  • The positivity and openness of the comments about LGBT people on this post is nothing short of incredible. I'm proud to be a part of the Windows Phone community more than ever before :) Thanks for being allies.
  • No problem buddy.
  • LGBT that how we are suppost to calll ourself now to be recognized as a human life form. And does it mean like with the blacks and chinese and women -that they can call themselves nigga and wog and bitches but a normal person can not- that we can just call ourselves Faggots or -is there an actual cool word for bi-seksuals at all(?)- people who profit from both sides?
    Yeah really nice of WP to have start an allience with our sorts. Us against them in a discrete secretly hidden smartphone society. Pretty cool. I'm not a woman nor a black man nor am I a downy (down syndrome) I am an LGBT. Gotta remember that next ime someone tells me I'm unnatural.
  • Wow this article has the most comments in a while. Idk, maybe WP attracts more gay people compared to other operating systems or it's just a mere coincidence? Sounds interesting tho.
  • It's because this is the first fairly popular gay app coming to WP platform. In my experiences most gays still use iPhones (and so do I - together with WP).
  • Love the bum ;)
  • I'd definitely get this if i didn't have an HTC Radar... I'm so ready to have Windows Phone 8 :-(
  • HTC should make a HTC would be great. I'm not gay but i had a lot of fun woofing at other scruffers.... I explained to the guys that i'm having fun at Scruff just until a dating app for stratign guys like Ok, cupid get an app on WP8 but they told me its ok and we can fool around in Scruffer until then...Hope that wont be too late.  
  • ?
  • Bit late to the party here, but glad this has been added to the app store, and encouraged about the mostly positive reactions here....diversity is a great thing. As a guy gay in the UK in rural Yorkshire, it was good to see through the app that there are other guys around....might even make some new friends! I haven't shaved for a week, so my scruff is looking quite chipper :))
  • Please we want it on WP 7.8 also.....
  • Ya,  need in WP 7.8 too :D
  • I love how people are walking on egg shells trying not to offend the gay community in this forum, and others are speaking their minds and taking heat for it. We're all human beings here: no group deserves special treatment, no group deserves facist style treatment either. Oh, the app? Never heard of it. "But I'm not gay!" I love that comment too.
  • Are you suggesting that we should allow people to make homophobic comments on our site?
  • "No group deserves facist style treatment either". So, no.
  • Hi guys :) I'm looking for apps that are compatible with Windows Phone 7.8... A Lumia 800... Always related to gay dating... If it's possible specifically in Europe... Any suggestions???
  • WP 7.5 not getting the love, I won't update till summer
  • No Instagram but we get scruff, awesome! :(
  • Test
  • Nice app...look forward to a great hook-up
  • oke, that is nice that 'we' have this app now to do the things iPhoners or any other smartphoners use Grinr for. But ehm....I'm afraid all the goodlooking guys have iPhones. Or is that only when they wear clothes? Aren't we WP8ers a bit too nerdy too much?