Gears 5 uses 'TrueMatch' for multiplayer, dynamically adjusts variables with AI

What you need to know

  • Gears 5 launches in September on Xbox One and PC.
  • The game eliminates the season pass and loot crates.
  • It features the same balancing tuning for core and competitive modes.
  • You can preorder Gears 5 for $50 on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Gears 5 launches in September and The Coalition keeps on providing us with new details about the upcoming game. Recently, Gears 5 Multiplayer Design Director Ryan Cleven discussed servers and balance tuning. The franchise will feature 60 Hz servers for the first time with Gears 5 and there is one tuning setup across core and competitive multiplayer modes. However, there are other behind-the-scenes innovations.

According to The Coalition's Senior Community Manager "TC Octus," Gears 5 uses new multiplayer technology called "TrueMatch." He added, "We have a new matchmaking system called TrueMatch that uses Artifical Intelligence Cloud Computing to dynamically adjust matchmaking parameters based on where you are, the population around you, and your Skill Rating."

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This means that matches should be fairer in terms of competition, and also as responsive as can be if other players are closer to you geographically. However, how effective this will be can only be determined once the game launches in September.

Gears 5 shines with Unreal Engine 4. The game looks stunning and should run at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second (FPS) on Xbox One X. Gears of War 4 ran at 4K 30 FPS during the campaign and 4K 60 FPS during multiplayer. This time around, both modes are the same frame rate.

Shoutout to "Slicer Dyster" for the tip.

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  • People gotta stop calling AI everything
  • It won't be hard to be an improvement on Gears 4, that game has horrible matchmaking, to the point that I wasn't able to play ranked for well over a year.
  • I've been trying to play Gears of War: Ultimate edition online, but I can never find a match in any of the playlists. The only time I've ever found a match, and that's only in prime time at night, is the social deathmatch playlist. Are the rest of the playlists dead?
  • I've had the same issue with Gears 4 for over a year, I literally gave up on ranked altogether because of it.
  • I guess that's what happens with multiplayer games in the long run. Community fades as newer version of the game just keeps popping.
  • @Asher Madan I was wondering if you guys will cover how they decided to get rid of all references of smoking and tobacco in Gears 5. I thought it was an interesting move.