April will be another big month for Gears of War 4 fans, as Microsoft rolls out new maps and a special Easter event to the game. Detailed by Xbox Wire, the April update packs in 2 new maps, a new Bunny Hunt game mode, and much more.

Both of this month's new maps are updated versions of Gears of War 3 maps. The first, Hotel, takes place on a misty cliff-side, with battles sparking up both inside and outside of a derelict hotel. While carrying the same flavor of the Gears of War 3 original, the updated version now features new weapon swaps like EMBAR.

The other map in April's update is The Slab. This one was a post-launch map for Gears of War 3, and the updated version gives us a more detailed look at Marcus Fenix's prison.

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April also heralds another holiday celebration with a new game mode, Bunny Hunt. The Easter-themed mode adds oversized bunny heads into the mix for a variation on Guardian. Some special chocolate Easter egg-themed weapon skins are also available to anyone who registers on GearsofWar.com and completes challenges in the Easter event playlist.

Both of the new maps are available now to Season Pass holders in the Developer Playlist with double XP and 20% bonus credits. They'll make their way to general public matchmaking on April 11. The Coalition has also teased another legacy character for this month's update, along with some tuning improvements. Check those out at the Gears of War 4 blog.

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