Gears of War 4's July update packs in 2 new maps and 'off-duty' characters

The latest monthly update to Gears of War 4 is here, bringing some new content to check out. And while the July update (opens in new tab) doesn't approach the recent "Rise of the Horde" update in terms of size, it does pack in some interesting new multiplayer maps and characters to check out.

First up are the two new maps, Raven Down and Reclaimed Windflare. The former is an updated take on the Raven Down crash landing from the first Gears of War, which encourages getting up close and personal in the heat of combat. Reclaimed Windflare, on the other hand, takes the peaceful farm of Reclaimed and adds a vicious Windflare to Versus and Horde modes.

As far as character skins are concerned, Gears players can get their hands on a pair of "off-duty" characters. Thrashball Cole will be available in an upcoming Gear Pack, while Civilian Anya will be this month's craftable character.

Lastly, two new events will be available this month for players to check out.

  • Raven Down 24/7: To celebrate the release of the ever popular Raven Down, we'll be running Raven Down 24/7 across multiple game modes later this month!
  • More for Horde Players: We recently released a new variant of Horde called 'Anything Goes', which pits you against 50 waves of randomized enemies. We'll have another new Horde event for fans to take on later this month.

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  • Raven Down 24/7 and free for all are the two best game modes ever in the Gears franchise. They should be featured and permanent, imo.
  • I hit this game hard when it was new but my long standing hatred for the Gears multiplayer mechanics seems to have won over my subconscious. That combined with the fact that most all of my dedicated gaming friends have already 100% all achievements in the game means I'm left in the dust without much of a desire or anyone I care about, to play with. I want to 100% the game but end up feeling jaded towards the game when I realize my friends have finished and moved on to other games. I don't care about new maps or characters though I'm glad they make them for the people that do. When it comes to Gears I only really care about Horde and campaign.