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Geocaching Live app for Windows Phone will shut down on June 6

The Geocaching Live app for Windows Phone will shut down on June 6 for users of the "treasure hunting" service. The app was first launched in 2013 and allowed users to help find "geocaches" of hidden items.

The company behind the app send emails to users announcing its upcoming shutdown:

Parting ways with a product that we built and many of you enjoy is not an easy thing. The decision to retire this app was based on its current usage compared to the ongoing resources required to maintain it. You can continue to play the game on your Windows Phone by using one of the partner applications we support. Search for "geocaching" in the Windows App Store to find an alternative app.

Windows Phone users who subscribed to the service's paid premium membership will see their service extended by an extra 30 days.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

  • Another one for the history books "Da-Dum" Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Ok. So universal app isn't convincing as many of these devs as we thought it would.
  • It doesn't matter that they are "universal." The developers need to target mobile users and mobile users aren't on Windows phones, universal or not.
  • well said
  • So each time we see one coming we say UWP rules, each time one goes we say UWP sucks. Please share some statistics about new apps, converted apps, leaving apps.
  • I already emailed them about it... I approve this message.
  • I don't respond to orders.
  • You missed the please :P
  • You only respond to any news as an overall negative? People around here go from "raining apps" to "dead platform" extremes, based on isolated app news.
  • Are you talking about AkiraX and DJCBS?
  • You have just describe the people at windows central with 19 words... Posted From my PC.W10 Master Race
  • Geocaching doesn't benefit by desktop, only mobile, so universal isn't a big incentive for them.  At least not unless tablets with data plans become more prevalent.
  • Tablets say otherwise. Let me know if they have an iPad app..which they do. Their iOS app covers iPad and iPhone. Clearly people use the iPad as a generic PC replacement. So my windows 10 8in tablet would benefit from the uwp
  • No it wouldn't....because your Windows tablet almost certainly doesn't have a GPS built in - so is an absolutely irrelevant tool for a geocaching app.
    The problem for Windows is that apps always seem to target mobile first (Android/iOS). They are therefore heavily optimised for mobile - and often have no place being on a desktop. So Windows is never that attractive, regardless of the numbers of users on the platform.
    Microsoft saying they are retrenching also pretty much guarantees the loss of developers. Why bother if Microsoft isn't bothered?
  • Just a real life consequence of having a dwindling mobile user base, UWP doesn't make much sense for an app like this unless you want to lug your laptop or PC around with you.
  • But what if I want to lug my Xbox or my IoT-based smart refrigerator around with me? I hope this developer considered all the possibilities first. /s
  • this comment!
  • 8in windows 10 tablet, upgraded from win8. At least they tell you to use a competitors app.
  • A UWP GeoCoahing app would be pointless IMHO as you would need to be outside on the move to play the game. So, the app will make sense only on the phones. And if an app makes sense only on the phone, developers would not be interested due to the minuscule market share.
  • It would have been awesome more than a decade ago, though. I used to use my Windows Mobile phone to tether my laptop, which had a USB GPS receiver connected to it, so I could Geocache on the fly, without printing out a bunch of wasted paper. I even made a mount for my laptop, out of plexiglass and pipe fittings, and mounted it to the floor of my car, so I could use the GPS to get to where I was going. Just a couple years before my first dash-mount GPS unit, which I think was in 2006. Today, no. I agree.
  • Except for all the developers who are interested. Geesh people...
  • Who? Where?
  • Their iOS app supports iPad install....calling iPad users pointless? My surface is small enough to take.
  • Your Surface doesn't have a GPS!!!
  • Presence of a GPS on a Surface is pretty much irrelevant - taking an £1800 tablet hunting for a plastic box? Not mine!!   Sadly, I've not found the other geocaching apps to be as good. I like WIndows Phone, but this is about the only App that I use. If I can't learn to love an alternative geocaching app, I'll be off to Android. Really hate that I just typed that.
  • Yeah it does. I approve this message.
  • Thing is, they developed it with the iPhone in mind, and then just made a few adjustments to make it work on the iPad's larger screen. With UWP, most of the marketshare is on PC/Tablet, so developers will be interested in developing for those devices primarily, and will only make the mobile version because it's already almost there.
  • They said they won't be working on a new uwp. I approve this message.
  • Or a 7"-10" tablet
  • absolutely correct
  • If I remember correctly, Steve Blamer said something to that effect about UWA and then suggested running Android.
    I don't see UWA helping W10 mobile much because ppl are looking for programs with higher functionality on the PC. Another problem is that there are tools from MS to convert iOS apps to UWA, but what about the other way around? If I were to develop an app, I would go with iOS for the user base and use the porting tools if the UWA 'does' take off.
    Finally, I don't want to sound too negative, but a bright computer engineering student who worked for MS as intern, our university, and is returning to MS after graduation said that MS has pretty much 'given' up on Windows mobile. While he was required to have WP during his internship in 2013, he used Android right after returning to the university and is now using iPhone on completion of his degree before working under the XBox team this fall. Perhaps Xbox can help UWA like how blue ray helped PS3. I know some ppl are against this, but if all games on XBox games are UWAs then gamers and PC users would be better off. E.g. Cross play so you can play in your PC when someone is using the TV. Also, less exclusives from competition ;) Think of Street Fighter 5 being on PS4 and PC only. Now if SSV was a UWA, XB one owners would be able to play too! UWA would be even more better if it were cross platform. Perhaps, if MS wrote a UWA wrapper for other platforms like MAC...
  • Yeah the arguments about xb1 are valid. "why would I pay $500 to play $2 game that barely takes advantage of the hardware"
  • UWP is compelling for apps targeting multiple form factors. This app only makes sense for phones, so the incentive just isn't there. Although, a geocaching app for hololens could be cool.
  • Any ideas for good alternative Geocaching apps?
  • I always used "maaloo Geocaching" or "maaloo Outdoor" with Geocaching In-App. It is far better than the official app. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Maloo Outdoor is a great app. While I don't geocache, it's a useful app for tracking routes with the quad bike, jeep and general hiking.
  • I use Geocaching Pro
  • Well, at least they're not hostile to WP users. Unlike some big company I know *coughGooglecough*.
  • *cough*Snapchat*Cough* haha +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Facts talk. They said "F* you" in a polite way (you know they have paying customers for the service, it's subscription based), then they also said: we still want you as a customer so look at thrid party apps so we can earn on you without having to support you :D
  • From early on, GeoCaching has been not much more than a money grab. In the past, I've been a paid subscriber, but not for several years. I got kind of bummed out with them when I tried writing a Windows Mobile app and they told me I was violating the T&C. Ok - keep your caches.
  • .
  • Dang :( I remember learning about geocaching for the first time and being so glad that they had a Windows Phone app too.
  • happy days indeed! Still, we all move on don't we
  • When a company does this, they should opensource the code so the community can take over the app.
  • Yes
  • Yea like msft open sourcing abandoned and screwed wp 8.1
  • Mastermind. Who would have thought that intentionally tanking market share would lead to this.
  • are you mad?
  • I even paid for this app before it went free and now it wont work.
  • Your conspiracy theory is deeply worrying; in so far as your mental state fares. The dwindling market share of windows mobile is because IT IS NOT AN OPERATING SYSTEM TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY AND HENCE NOONE USES IT !!    SAVVY??
  • No one uses the windows phone because the phones are priced at premium, especially when the OS is still Beta and hardware is bad. MS tried selling cheap phones with specs that dont support their own WM10 making them obselete within 6 months of purchase... MS did not have a flagship for the last 2 years and want you to wait till next year for the next one... and you wonder why the market share is going down? when clowns are running the show, this is bound to happen. Go ahead and compare Samsung ads to the crap MS produces.. what a marketing nightmare.... Someone saw me in the elevator unlock my phone by using Hello and was so impressed that he came by my cube to talk about it and was blown away when he saw it on my wireless charger... all great features but have you seen them advertised? He wanted to get one and I told him to hold off.... the OS was not poslished and it was overpriced.... 
  • all true
  • WHo cares if they leave... We dont need apps....  
  • That's a new angle.
    Perhaps Microsoft's ploy is to redirect the market back to Symbian S40 devices. At least they are selling well :)
  • If true, then it would be a bad sign of MS stagnating and which is bad for a tech company. Although, MS didn't even develop the Symbian OS :P
  • Universal apps are coming... just wait... and oh yeah... next year when the Surface phone comes out... all our problems will go away....
  • This one was the final straw for my wife. She wants an iPhone.
  • With their dwindling sales, Apple will appreciate that.
  • Get her one. They just work.
    (I should have done the same thing when Nokia left the building...this platform has been dying ever since!)
  • If it makes her and you happy, why not let her try it out? Fans should try things outside their zone so they can see what the world (of mobile) has to offer. Even Joe Before did it and I don't blame him. One of the essential rules of war/competition is to know your enemy ;)
  • I had an iPhone some month ago. I was also frustrated from the app gap. But I switched back, because the daily use was a pain for me without pinning things that are important at the moment. And the things I use are available from third party apps. Maloo Outdoor is able to be used for Geocaching.
  • Geocaching Pro it is then.
  • Does your wife know there are other geocaching apps that do the same thing?
  • There are other apps that work with their service, so while it's a loss it's not a huge one.
  • Another app going to the coffin...
  • Here we go AGAIN.... too bad.. I liked this one time to time...(spring is ALMOST here so I would start using it again)
  • And another one down, and another one gone, another one bites the dust.
  • Yep - all the apps I once had have gone from windows mobile but are all still on android and (for the most part) ios so in precisely a months time when my contract expires I'm off to android. The amount of frustration I've had over the last two years has been absolutely incredible - a f*cking nightmare. I'm seriously angry with Microsoft for messing up what I initially thought was a great operating system. Nadella and his gang are nothing but a bunch of incompetant jokers who shouldn't even be in the industry.
  • And the few apps that do exist on Windows Phone are better in every way on Android, including Microsoft's own. Thanks!