Get in the holiday spirit with Monster Hunter: World's 'Winter Star Fest'

Over the past year, Monster Hunter: World has received many crossover events and other festivals. The title has also received numerous updates and boasts a significant fan following. For the past few months, there haven't been many changes to the game. Luckily, that's about to change.

Today, Microsoft posted a new trailer for an upcoming winter event. The company said, "Get in the holiday spirit with the all-new Winter Star Fest in Monster Hunter: World. Head over to the Gathering Hub to celebrate the festival with fun daily rewards, new gear, new food, and more. The event runs until December 17, 2018."

Monster Hunter: World launched on Xbox One on January 26. The Monster Hunter franchise started off on the PlayStation 2 in 2004, but then became a Nintendo exclusive for many years. Games like Monster Hunter Tri, Monster Hunter 4, and even Monster Hunter Generations were only available on systems like the Nintendo Wii.

The premise behind Monster Hunter: World might be simple, but it tells a rather complex story. Once every decade, monsters known Elder Dragons trek across the water to travel to the region known as the New World. This migration event is referred to as the Elder Crossing. To get to the bottom of this mysterious pattern, the Guild has formed the Research Commission, dispatching them in large groups to the New World. The Guild is the main governing body in the Monster Hunter universe. They work alongside the Elder Dragon Observation to monitor and research particular species of interest.

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Asher Madan

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