Get an Xbox One S laptop style if you've got money to burn

Credit to Ed Zarick for an enterprising idea, with the new Xbox One S getting the laptop makeover that he's made famous for. The Xbook One S follows the original Xbook One, only it's smaller, and based on Microsoft's newest console.

And it'll cost you over a thousand dollars.

How it looks will divide opinions, but inside it's packing all the Xbox One S hardware with a fold up, 19-inch Samsung display. Nothing has been cut out internally, but on the included display you're limited to 720p because that's what was available to manufacture with.

There's no questioning that this is probably the most portable way you'll ever see to take your Xbox One S on the road with you, but it's ridiculously expensive. The man has to make money, and we're not denying him that, but at $1,195 if you already have a console you want to be modded, or $1,495 and up if you don't, you've got to have a lot of cash you're willing to burn.

Gaems Vanguard

There is another way, though. A cheaper way that we heartily recommend, and that's the Gaems Vanguard. It's not as compact as the Xbook One S but it's a whole heck of a lot cheaper and doesn't require modding your console. You can buy one of these for $349 and still get a 19-inch 720p display. It's also TSA friendly for those Stateside and doesn't involve hacking anything to pieces.

But if the Xbook One S is the way for you, find out more on the official website.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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