Ghost Recon Breakpoint comes with a sizeable day one bug-squashing patch

What you need to know

  • Preloaded games will have a sizeable day one patch.
  • Anyone downloading after launch will have it included.
  • Fixes a ton of bugs across PC and console.
  • Early access for Gold and Ultimate edition (opens in new tab) buyers begins October 1.

As the Ghost Recon Breakpoint servers start going live for the early access period, Ubisoft has detailed its fairly hefty day one patch for the title on all platforms, and just who will need to download it. The best news comes for PC players, as the pre-load for Breakpoint on both UPlay and Epic Games includes the patch.

For folks on console, the patch will be required as an additional download to all who pre-loaded or bought a physical copy of the game. It applied to both Xbox and PS4, though the Xbox patch is the largest at 13.5 GB. If you download the game after its launch, the patch will be included in a larger overall download.

So what does it actually fix? A fair bit as it happens.

But the big ones in Title Update 1.0.1, to give it the full title, are the improvements to game stability, aim assist, and overall optimizations. The beta periods were always clearly marked as unfinished products, but even so, there have been plenty of issues for Ubisoft to fix, not least the total failure of the servers at the launch of the open beta.

The full changelog can be found over on Ubisoft's Ghost Recon blog (opens in new tab), so give them a quick read while you're waiting for the early access period to go live.

Regular edition buyers can join the fun on the Auroa Archipelago from October 4.

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  • Hopefully they fix the trash framerate
  • Hopefully. Beta was OK for me on the X but we're most definitely at a point in the cycle where the console hardware is holding the games back.
  • I agree that the standard consoles Xbox One S and def the OG Xbox are holding the Xbox One X back. The X is still gonna be good for a couple more yrs even with the slower CPU. Look how the Coalition got Gears 5 running on the X1X 4k 60fps in campaign. They made sure to cater to the Xbox X rather then hold it back.